Sean Connery has enjoyed what is surely one of the best retirements anyone can imagine. He decided to voluntarily retire in 2003, after shooting and starring in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , a conflicting film in several aspects - he did not have a good relationship with the director, and the critics did not leave him in a good place - which led him to think to Connery that he may have already given the best of his career and that perhaps it was not a good idea to spoil a legacy that, objectively, was going to be the food of collective mythomania for many decades to come.

After all, he had been on the big screen the father of Indiana Jones , William of Baskerville and, of course, the first agent 007, Bond, James Bond, and for many people the only Bond worth having. consider. Sean Connery had amassed fame, fortune, prestige, affection, respect and without appealing new horizons, and surely somewhat burned out and devoid of a certain volume of ego, he pragmatically decided never to act again and dedicate himself to pleasures. He had rejected a few years before being Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy - a sign, perhaps, that his nose was beginning to fail, or that his acting criteria were a long way from the new Hollywood - and said no to Spielberg when he wanted to make the fourth movie in the Indiana Jones saga . And while rejecting all this, he toured his golf course.

Connery and Ursula Andrews, in 'James Bond: Agent 007 vs. Dr. No'. GTRES

Since the mid-2000s, Connery has lived in a luxury residential complex in the Bahamas. It is where she has established her permanent residence throughout the year, and she hardly abandons it for two reasons. The first, because he doesn't feel like it: his usual routine is to play golf, rest on his terrace, spend time with his wife, the painter Micheline Roquebrune -a year older than him-, and ultimately devote himself to enjoying the hours of sun, the pleasant climate and the luxuries of your private paradise. The second, because if he were outside the Bahamas for more than 90 days, he would not be able to benefit from the enormous tax advantages that residing in the country provides him, which is why Connery does not lavish himself in public, as soon as he travels to Los Angeles or his beloved Scotland. -His hair was scarcely visible when he campaigned for yes in the 2016 independence referendum , always at a distance-, which is, in short, a powerful reason to stop making films and live on his large incomes, which have been estimated at more than $ 90 million net in bank accounts, not counting properties.

Right when he turns 90, this all seems like an ideal and well-deserved epilogue for an outright myth. Michael Caine, who is from his fifth, is still working, but he has had enough. Connery is known for his sometimes sullen character, his direct and cutting way of expressing himself, but that abruptness has not undermined the image of the seductive and magnetic heartthrob that has always accompanied him. In fact, he closed the 20th century with two great honors: Queen Elizabeth II ordained him a knight of the British Empire - so the technical thing would be to address him as Sir Sean - and People magazine declared him the sexiest man since 1900 onwards.

The actor, with the Thyssen in Marbella.GTRES

The former, possibly, he would never have expected in his youth. Sean Connery was a son of the most depressed working class in Edinburgh, his mother cleaned houses and his father was a factory worker and drove trucks; Long before he tried his hand at the movies, Connery's first job was as a milk delivery man . The second, perhaps, if he could imagine: aware of his good plant, he cultivated his physique and was a weightlifter, and it was that resounding beauty of his that led him to the movies. He shot some minor films and in 1961 he was chosen to play the spy who triumphed throughout the world thanks to the novels of Ian Fleming, James Bond . He faced Doctor No and there a meteoric race took off .

He starred in the first six films of the Bond saga - which are still among the best, including Goldfinger - and after handing over the baton to Roger Moore, he regained the role in 1983 with Never Say Never Again. It was his last Bond, and also the door to a new string of charismatic roles in films such as The Name of the Rose , Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , The Untouchables of Elliott Ness - with which he won his only Oscar for best supporting actor. -, The Hunt for Red October or The Rock . Before that, he had appeared in some cult films, such as The Heroes of Time -under Terry Gilliam-, Marnie, the Thief -his only work under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock- or the very kitsch Zardoz , where he passed the whole movie in loincloth and showing thick fur.

With his wife, Micheline.GTRES

Thanks to a strict control of many aspects of his privacy, Sean Connery has managed to ensure that little aspects of his private life are transcended. Those who know him speak of a man with a strong temperament, somewhat controlling, domineering, but at the same time endowed with a very British, black and cynical sense of humor. Before marrying his current wife, he had a decade-long marital relationship with actress Diane Cilento, from whom he separated in 1973 and with whom he had his only son, Jason. Diane accused Connery in a book of having been a controlling husband and with some impulsive outburst, which would be at the base of their bad relationship and the final breakup. It is, in any case, the only testimony outlined about that dark part of his character, beyond the visceral phlegm that he revealed in the filming, alternating it with episodes of exquisite education and charm.

It would have been interesting for Sean Connery to turn 90, not in the Bahamas, but in Marbella, where he had a vacation residence until 1999. He left because tax conditions were more attractive in the Caribbean - and the media noise was much less - and He did it involved in controversy: the Treasury investigated him for tax evasion in Spain after having participated in a transaction to buy and sell luxury apartments with a long dozen partners, without the papers appearing to be in order, an investigation of which He was exonerated (he was investigated, but no accusation was presented), but he did hit his wife, who was accused of defrauding the Spanish treasury and summoned to trial in 2015 - of which there has been no news. Mishaps that, from the Eden of the Bahamas, the couple surely see without too much concern.

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