Overseas Network, August 25. According to Global News Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada announced that Erin O'Toole was elected the new leader of the party.

  Canadian Conservative Party officials stated that the counting of thousands of votes was delayed due to the damage to the machine that opened the voting machine. The announcement ceremony that was supposed to be held on August 23 was postponed to the morning of August 24. Members of the Conservative Party have sent votes for several consecutive weeks. Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the election format has to be changed from the candidates' personal votes to online elections. A total of about 175,000 party members participated in the voting this time.

  O'Toole thanked his wife and children for their support in his winning speech on the 24th and promised to take this role seriously. He said that the Conservative Party will build a more united and prosperous Canada, and said that it will prepare for the general election that may usher in this fall.

  O'Toole expressed concern about Canada's future. He said that since the Great Depression, Canada is currently facing the most severe economic crisis. Due to the Liberal Party’s disconnected policy, people have lost confidence in Canada. (Overseas Network-Canada-Zhu Fengjie and Leng Xiaoxue)