Chinanews, August 24. According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:27 on the 24th, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown worldwide exceeded 23.34 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeded 807,000. People in some countries have lax awareness of epidemic prevention, and illegal gatherings have caused the epidemic to spread and even lead to trampling tragedies; the US Drug Administration approved new crown plasma therapy; former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko confirmed the diagnosis; Russia plans to increase vaccine production before the end of the year.

People in some countries violate social distancing regulations

Illegal party in Peru disco causes stampede

  Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many countries have strictly controlled the scale of gatherings and called on the people to maintain social distance. However, there have been many illegal gatherings in some countries recently.

Data map: On August 14, local time, Paris was officially listed as a "high-risk area" for the spread of the new crown virus by French officials. The picture shows the last group of people waiting in line outside the Louvre that day. The Louvre still adheres to strict epidemic prevention measures to control the number of visitors. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Yang

  On the evening of the 22nd local time, a disco in Lima, the capital of Peru, held a party in violation of epidemic prevention regulations. The local police sent out police to stop the party. The party tried to escape and flocked to the only exit of the disco. This resulted in a stampede, killing at least 13 people and injuring 6 others. After the relevant departments detained 23 people at the scene, they quickly tested all the staff for the new coronavirus, and 15 of them tested positive.

  In South Korea, gatherings that violated the order to restrict gatherings and gathering infections caused by some church activities are still spreading in the community, and the epidemic is gradually spreading from the metropolitan area to other places. South Korea’s Minister of Justice, Qiu Mi, said that the recent irresponsible behavior of some people has caused a rebound in the domestic epidemic, and even signs of a second pandemic.

  In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Paris, France, has ordered nightclubs to suspend business since March. However, many privately-sponsored outdoor carnivals have subsequently appeared in many places, increasing the risk of virus transmission. French Health Minister Vilan stated that most infections occurred in "celebration occasions" attended by young people and they did not observe the rules of social distancing. The country added 4,897 confirmed cases on the 23rd, setting a record for a single day since France lifted its blockade in May.

  Since the new coronavirus restrictions were implemented, the British police have dispersed hundreds of illegal gatherings. The Birmingham police found more than 70 unlicensed street and indoor parties on the night of the 22nd, and an illegal carnival involving about 300 people was dispersed. British government officials said that starting from August 28, the police will impose a high fine of 10,000 pounds on the organizers of illegal gatherings.

U.S. Drug Administration approves new crown plasma therapy

Republican Congress faces epidemic prevention challenges

  At present, the total number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States has exceeded 5.7 million, with more than 176,000 deaths.

Data map: On May 29, local time, Washington, the capital of the United States, began to gradually lift the "home order" and entered the first phase of restart. The picture shows the US Capitol. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved on the 23rd that plasma from survivors of new coronary pneumonia can be used to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia. The FDA statement stated that the "potential benefits of plasma therapy exceed the known and potential risks."

  Previous FDA research has shown that the use of plasma therapy in the first three days of hospital admission for patients with new coronary disease can reduce mortality and improve health. The most benefited from this treatment are patients under the age of 80 who do not use respirators. These patients have a 35% increase in survival after one month of treatment.

  The National Congress of the Republican Party of the United States will open on the evening of the 24th local time for 4 days. Unlike the Democratic Party’s “full virtual” approach, the Republican Party’s convention plan allows some supporters to attend in person. However, Washington currently prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people. Republican aides revealed that they will hire "new crown experts" to determine how many people can enter the venue and how the audience will be seated.

Epidemic continues to worsen in many countries, more than 3 million people diagnosed in India

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko infected with new crown

  As of the 23rd, the number of confirmed cases of the new crown in India has exceeded 3 million. Data shows that India has maintained the world's number one number of newly confirmed cases in a single day for many consecutive days, far exceeding the United States and Brazil. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in India exceeded 2 million on August 7 to 3 million on the 23rd. It took only 16 days, which was shortened again from the 20 days used for the last 1 million cases. The spread of the epidemic continues to accelerate.

Data map: India under the epidemic.

  The new crown epidemic in Iraq has continued to worsen recently. The country reported 3965 new confirmed cases on the 22nd, the largest increase in the Middle East, with a total of more than 200,000 confirmed cases. The World Health Organization in Iraq stated that the worsening of the epidemic in Iraq can be attributed to a series of factors such as "unblocking the epidemic" and failure to comply with epidemic prevention regulations. The spread of the epidemic has brought severe challenges to the already fragile medical and health system in the region. .

  In Europe, the epidemic situation in Spain, Germany, Italy and other countries all showed a rebound trend, and the epidemic situation in Ukraine continued to rise. The Ukrainian State News Agency reported on the 23rd that Tymoshenko, former prime minister of Ukraine and chairman of the Fatherland Party, was infected with the new crown virus and was in serious condition. In addition, Tymoshenko's husband and daughter were also infected with the new coronavirus.

Global new crown vaccine research and development "speed up"

Russia plans to increase vaccine production before the end of the year

  According to Russian media reports on the 24th, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Manturov said that by the end of 2020, the monthly output of Russia's new crown vaccine should reach about 1.5 to 2 million doses, and the monthly output should be gradually increased to 6 million doses. .

August 11, 2020, local time, Moscow, Russia, Binnopharm's new crown vaccine production laboratory. Image source: People's Vision

  He pointed out that because Russia is receiving many vaccine purchase applications, it is also considering the issue of supplying vaccines to foreign partners, but first, it should meet domestic needs.

  At the beginning of the epidemic, the World Health Organization predicted that even if all goes well, vaccine development will take 12 to 18 months. The latest data from the agency shows that the global new crown vaccine research and development is "speeding up." As of August 20, 30 new crown vaccine candidates have been reported to WHO and are in clinical trials, and 6 have entered phase 3 clinical trials.

  The WHO urges that in the process of developing and supplying new crown vaccines, the world should strengthen solidarity and cooperation to avoid competition, so that countries can share risks, share benefits, and hope to find safe and effective new crown vaccines.