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August 24, 2020 - US President Donald Trump was officially invested by the Republican Party as a candidate in the November 3 presidential election for a second term in the White House. No surprise came from the approximately 330 delegates of the Grand Old Party, gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina who in fact nominated President Trump as their candidate already on the first day of the Republican convention.

One by one, Republican representatives from each of the 50 US states, starting in alphabetical order with Alabama, announced their support for the president. Shortly after midday, the threshold of 1,276 votes needed to obtain the candidacy was exceeded.

Four more years
The president arrived in Charlotte after having already received the official investiture to run for the 2020 presidential election. An ovation at the Charlotte Convention Center greeted Donald Trump as he entered the Republican convention. The 336 party delegates shouted "four more years". "It is the most important election in the history of our country," said the tycoon.

"We will not take the word of God from the oath"
Trump immediately took the floor and addressed his supporters: "I can promise you that we will not take the word God from the oath of allegiance as they have done". The president said in his speech at the Republican convention, criticizing the dem. "I am very sorry for the absence of the public". "We were ready to welcome 19,000 people, but due to the lockdown it was not possible," explained the head of the White House.

"The Dems have been spying on us"
"We have to be very careful. In 2016 the Democrats spied on our campaign, now they are trying to do it with the correspondence vote". This is the alarm raised by Donald Trump in his speech at the Republican convention. "The only way we will not win is if they are electoral fraud, and we will win." The Democrats "are simply trying to cheat to win, they already did it with spying last time and we caught them": 

"Mail vote is a big scam"
"Can't send 80 million ballot papers, who can do it? Most of them are democratic states. It is the biggest scam in political history. " The American president declared again, in his attack on the postal vote requested by the dems.

"I'm in the lead"
"According to a Rasmussen poll I got to 51% but nobody says it." 

"If Biden wins, China wins"
If Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential elections, "China will own this country." So the resident of the United States, Donald Trump, at the Republican convention in Charlotte.