A police vehicle in Nantes (illustration) - Frederic Brenon / 20 Minutes

Hot shot for police officers from the anti-crime brigade (BAC) this Sunday afternoon, around 3:30 p.m., Bottière district in Nantes. On patrol in the Ranzay sector, the team had spotted, behind the wheel of a car, a 21-year-old man well known to its services and without a driver's license.

The driver tried to escape by increasing the number of traffic offenses then abandoned his vehicle to take refuge in an apartment that was not his, rue de la Souillarderie, reports the national police.

Reinforcements called

The fugitive is finally arrested but, leaving the building, he screams at all costs to denounce a mistake. His cries provoke a crowd of young people in the street. A policeman then receives a projectile in the back. Another was assaulted and hit by a stick in the arm. It took the intervention of reinforcements to allow the departure of the BAC and a return to calm.

In the car abandoned by the young man, investigators found tear gas and sachets of drugs. He was taken into custody, police said.


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