, August 24. According to the U.S. "World Journal" report, the epidemic has hit the U.S. catering industry and has created many business opportunities. The Chinese Jacky Wang has developed an application that allows restaurant owners to use its platform for free, allowing users to browse menus and menus online. Place an order and also allow small businesses to upload and sell products on the platform for free.

  The epidemic has promoted the digitization of traditional industries. Restaurants that used to open their doors to welcome customers now have to be digitally networked, which has resulted in many platforms for ordering food. Chinese Jacky Wang got inspiration from China’s QR code ordering, and took more than a year to develop an unlimited ordering application, allowing merchants to update the menu and content through the App for free, and then put all the information in the cloud to form a two-dimensional cloud page The user can browse the dishes and prices through the QR code provided by the merchant, and then place an order.

  He said that this application is still being improved. It has been on the App Stores of Apple and Google for two months. About 50 merchants in the United States have become cooperative restaurants, including Chinese restaurants and Laomei restaurants, mainly in the East of the United States. , West America, Las Vegas. It can optimize the time of ordering and dining, and improve the time efficiency of restaurants and consumers.

  Jacky Wang said that the epidemic has had a great impact on the catering industry. Most restaurants are operated on a small scale and have no budget to build web pages. Other food delivery platforms or third-party platforms will also charge fees. The feature of his App is that it is free for both merchants and consumers. It not only provides a platform for merchants to display their products, but also completes the function of online settlement. In the future, it plans to make an expanded version of Yelp, which will include the stores of family workshops in the search content, so that consumers can have more choices.

  Taking into account the difficulty of promotion by small e-commerce merchants, Jacky said that small businesses want to sell small things, because the threshold for making web pages is high and there are costs, and ordinary WeChat applets may not be suitable for North American customers. His platform is not only for restaurants, but also for other businesses. Provide a product display platform for small businesses for free, and consumers can also choose a credit card for settlement through a third party, eliminating the restriction of the transaction platform, and will not keep money in the small program.

  As for the money-making model, he said that, like the business model of all platforms, he mainly makes money through platform advertising. (Zhang Hong)