Software company Microsoft has commented on a lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, according to Marketwatch and The Verge, among others. Microsoft issued a statement to defend Epic, which Apple has threatened with closing its developer account.

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Microsoft is concerned about Epic’s Unreal Engine, which several others are using to build their games.

- Denying Epic access to Apple's software development suite and other development tools prevents Epic from supporting Unreal Engine on iOS and macOS and puts both Unreal Engine and game developers who have used, will use and may use it in a significantly worse position, Microsoft's Kevin Gammill said in a statement ( pdf).

Microsoft uses Unreal Engine at least in the iOS Forza Street racing game. According to Gammill, Microsoft may have to abandon its customers on Apple platforms or choose another game engine for future games. It can be both difficult and expensive. According to the representative, the mere uncertainty about the fate of Unreal Engine reduces the willingness of Microsoft and probably other developers to use the engine in their games.

The controversy began when Epic released an update to the mobile version of its hugely popular Fortnite game. The game became an opportunity to buy the game’s internal currency at a cheaper price past Apple and also Google. This is against the terms of both companies ’app stores, so Fortnite was kicked out of both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Epic had prepared for this and immediately sued the companies. In its view, the terms of app stores restrict competition and violate the law.

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Apple has said it will restore Fortnite and allow Epic to keep its developer account if it cancels the change made to Fortnite by Friday, August 28th.