Several sources confirm to SVT Nyheter that the victim in the latest shooting is a 29-year-old man with a heavy criminal past. He has had close links to gang crime in the Järva area.  

Most recently in 2015, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for an armed robbery against a pawnshop. The robbery was carried out together with several others, one of whom was murdered in the double murder in Copenhagen, where a high-profile trial is currently underway against five defendants who are linked to a rival group. 

Had protected personal data

The murdered man must have left his criminal past and had received protected personal data. According to independent sources, he must have worked at a treatment home on Lidingö. When he was shot, he was sitting in a car belonging to the treatment home. 

- I can confirm that we have had an incident. But I can not comment more than that, but must refer to the ongoing police investigation, says one of the management at the treatment home, whose company car the shot was driving at the time. 

Bloody ongoing conflict in Stockholm 

Since July, three other young men in their 20s have been shot dead in the Järva area in what according to sources to SVT Nyheter is described as a purge and power struggle among several criminal networks. Whether this murder has anything to do with it is not known at present, but it is something that is being investigated. 

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