He sneaked behind her to the kitchen to carry out his crime

Imprisonment of a worker who harassed his neighbor's daughter and apologized

"Dubai Criminal Court" condemned the accused after hearing the statements of all parties. ■ archive

The Dubai Criminal Court has ruled three months in prison and deportation against an Asian worker who harassed his neighbor’s daughter in the kitchen attached to her room, and when the girl’s mother saw him, he was confused and apologized, and claimed that it was an unintentional mistake.

In detail, the case papers stated that the incident began when the girl’s mother saw a person creeping behind her young daughter into the kitchen attached to her room in one of the villas, so she immediately went to the kitchen to discover that he was their neighbor in the residence, and when she asked him why he entered the kitchen behind her daughter, she showed signs of confusion and apologized , And claimed it was an unintentional mistake.

When the mother asked her daughter what had happened, she did not disclose the little girl at first for fear of the perpetrator, but with calm insistence the girl began to narrate to her what had happened and admitted that their neighbor had harassed her more than once, but she did not disclose the matter for fear of him, so the mother informed the police that arrested the accused and was referred to the prosecution the public.

The mother said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that she lives in a rented room in an old Arab house attached to a private kitchen, and her daughter told her that she was hungry, so she asked her to bring something to eat from the kitchen, and she watched her from the room until she saw a person sneaking behind her child into the kitchen, and she ran there. She discovered that he was their neighbor, so I asked him why he was there, and he apologized, and noticed that he was drunk. She added that she asked her daughter if he had done anything to her, and she denied the child, but she noticed her disturbance, not eating, and complained about it, and gave the child a time limit, then asked her calmly about what happened, then the child responded and told her that he touched her in an inappropriate way, and asked her not to inform Uhud, and she stated that he harassed her more than once in the past.

The prosecution decided to refer the accused to the criminal court in Dubai on charges of harassing the child, and after completing the investigations and hearing the statements of all parties, the court condemned the accused and ruled that he be imprisoned for three months and deported after the execution of the punishment.

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