Explosion near the vehicle of the southern Philippines army 10 people killed one after another Bomb terrorism or August 24 18:10

In the southern Philippines, there were explosions near a parked military vehicle, killing 10 people including soldiers, and the military and police are investigating bomb terrorism.

According to the Philippine troops, a motorcycle that was parked near a parked Philippine army truck suddenly exploded on the southern island of Holo Island at 1 pm on the 24th of Japan time, and police and the army rushed to the scene. , There was a second explosion near it.

The two explosions have killed 10 soldiers, including 6 Filipino troops and 4 residents, and injured about 40 people in hospitals.

A photograph taken by a person near the scene shows a large number of soldiers rushing to watch out for the debris scattered around a military truck.

The military and the police have witnessed that the motorcycle was being bombarded with explosives and that the second explosion had exploded the explosives that the woman was wearing. We are blocking and proceeding with the investigation.

In the southern part of the Philippines, where many Islamic residents live, the establishment of an autonomous government by Islamic residents has been decided based on the agreement between the government and the largest Islamic armed forces in the region, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

However, on the island of Holo where the explosion occurred, the influence of the Islamic extremist organization "Abu Sayyaf" that strongly opposes the autonomous government is strong, and the church was blown up in January last year, and more than 20 people have died.