If the goal is to burn fat, instead of focusing on all sorts of extra gimmicks and adjustments, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

These three tips make fat burning more efficient.

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1. Sleep an hour more

When your body gets enough quality sleep, it burns fat more easily, exercise is interesting, and your mood is better. Insufficient rest, on the other hand, prevents fat burning and accumulates fat, especially on the waist. Feelings of hunger and cravings are also strengthened in sleep deprivation. That is why it is very important to take care of adequate and high-quality sleep!

So arrange your evening so that you can calm down earlier to go to bed. Consider which evening routine would calm your alertness. It can be, for example, stretching, knitting, reading fiction, listening to an audiobook or calm music, or even doing breathing exercises.

Turn off tunable smart devices at least one hour before bedtime. When evening comes, also dim the lighting of your home so that it mimics the natural variation of light like a sunset.

2. Add protein to breakfast

Too light a breakfast often manifests itself later in the day as fatigue, blood sugar shedding, hunger, and sweet cravings.

For breakfast, you should choose a brisk protein, as it will help you stay fresher and full until lunch, make better food choices during the day, and thus also reduce the extra cravings for the evening. This way, in addition to endurance, you also promote fat burning!

For example, try adding 100 grams of cottage cheese to the porridge, boil or fry a couple of eggs on the side of the breakfast, put thick tofu on the bread, eat curds with fresh porridge, or add less than a deciliter of protein powder to the smoothies. Also, remember to snap something colorful.

3. Increase movement in everyday life

When movement comes throughout the day, even in small moments, physical activity accumulates in an easy way. Everyday activity is important for metabolism, and adequate activity can be easily taken care of with small deeds.

For example, you can squat or push against the table when the coffee drips. Pick up the mail or take out the trash while spinning around the block! You may be excited to walk even longer distances. You can also pause your work day with a short break.

Movement does not need to be breathed or sweated, all movement is counted. Even a small movement refreshes and helps hunger and satiety messages work better.

Take these three tips for an experiment and boost your fat burning!

Once a week, Sohvi Ollila, an exercise instructor and well-being coach who maintains a column on Ilta-Sanomat's website, gives versatile tips for movement and everyday well-being. In her work, Sohvi helps people to get excited about exercise and realize the great results of small changes.

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