The river Lagan through Ljungby flows under no less than nine bridges. Now the bridges have become a popular place to jump into the water from. This despite the fact that the rescue service has gone out and warned of the inappropriateness of jumping off the bridges.

Floating large logs

Carl Håkansson, head of the rescue service in Ljungby, is concerned about all young people who jump.

- It is a dark water in Lagan and you do not see what is under the surface and you jump from a fairly high altitude, he says.

According to Carl Håkansson, it happens that large logs float in Lagan, which those who jump risk colliding with.

"I know many who have jumped"

Some young people that SVT Nyheter Småland spoke to say that it is common to jump from the bridge.

- I have jumped once, earlier this year, before there were any warnings that you should not jump, says Elliott Alvi.

Mattew Zaleskiewicz himself has not jumped - but he knows those who did.

- I know many who have jumped. I have not done it myself. You can never know what is hiding further down, he says.

Now the rescue service is working together with the municipality to be able to inform about the dangers associated with the jumps.