North America Observation丨Trump has to pay entry fees for new recruits to enter the U.S. vehicles

  On August 18, local time, on Tuesday, U.S. President Trump stated that his government will ensure that Mexico will pay for the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

  The specific new trick is: the United States plans to charge for cars entering the United States from Mexico, and it will also collect taxes on Mexicans living and working in the United States when sending money to their hometowns, and the funds raised will be used to build the promise The US-Mexico border wall.

△The picture shows the headline of a Mexican media report: Trump ensures that Mexico pays for the border wall and collects transit fees for transit vehicles

  After the news was announced, major media and social platforms discussed lively, but so far, Mexican President Lopez and Mexican officials have not issued corresponding responses.

Two-pronged approach to "sweep the wool of the Mexicans." Transit fees must be paid for remittances and taxation

  U.S. President Trump said at a campaign event in the small town of Yuma in the border area of ​​Arizona on Tuesday the 18th local time: “Mexico will pay for the border wall. For vehicles entering the United States from Mexico, we There will be a border crossing fee, and Mexicans in the U.S. also pay a tax when sending money to their families in Mexico. Mexicans will pay for the border wall."

  Such a new statement has also aroused the attention and discussion of public opinion in the United States and Mexico. The representative of Mexico including the WTO also spoke publicly, saying that Mexico would not accept such a decision by the United States and would not pay for the border wall.

  Although the United States has not announced specific details on the collection of transit fees and taxes on remittances, Trump said at the rally: “Whether it is to pay now or in the next few months, Mexico I will definitely pay for the border wall."

  Immigration policy, including the "border wall", is one of the core propositions during the Trump campaign. Trump has long faced criticism for failing to fulfill his campaign promise to make Mexico pay for the border wall. The cost of re-proposing the border wall is actually to consolidate Trump’s confidence in his vote, re-emphasize the card on immigration policy, and canvass for his re-election.

  Even to build the wall, Trump transferred billions of dollars from the US Department of Defense to build the wall, triggering a legal battle with the US House of Representatives, which did not approve this expenditure.

Embezzlement of defense funds for construction was ruled illegal by the Federal Court, Trump urgently needs funding sources to make up for the wall construction costs

  Back in time on June 23, two months ago, President Trump attended the celebration of the completion of the 200-mile length of the US-Mexico border wall. This event was carried out in the city of San Luis on the border between Arizona and Mexico. During the epidemic, Trump flew to the border area to participate in celebrations. In fact, he was also in order to demonstrate the core campaign promise he made during his campaign. The promise of building a wall has become a reality, and one step further is to build momentum for his re-election campaign in November. .

  However, just three days after the celebration ceremony for the 200-mile completion of the US-Mexico border wall, Trump praised the border wall for blocking the new crown virus and strengthening the border security while the debate remained high. On June 26, a federal court in California It ruled that the Trump administration's embezzlement of Pentagon funds to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico is illegal.

△The picture shows the American media headline court ruling: Trump is suspected of illegally embezzling the Ministry of Defense funds to build the border wall

  According to reports in the US media, the US Federal Court ruled that the Trump administration had misappropriated billions of dollars in defense, military, and other funds that were not designated for border wall repairs, in violation of the appropriation provisions of the US Constitution.

  The ruling showed that “these funds were originally used for other purposes, and this transfer of funds is an unauthorised withdrawal of funds from the Ministry of Finance, which violates the provisions of the Constitution. Therefore, this transfer of funds is illegal."

  Therefore, some analysts pointed out that this time Trump proposed the so-called "new trick" after two months, and put his idea on the transit fee at the Mexican-U.S. border and the tax on the remittance of Mexicans. In fact, it was also for remedy. A big hole in the funds of his own wall-building business.

Trump once again played the immigration card for his re-election and reiterated the argument that "murderers and rapists" among illegal immigrants came from Mexico

  The United States and Mexico have more than 3,000 kilometers of land borders, and the land border crossings between the US and Mexico are also the busiest in the world, with more than 1 million people passing through the border crossings every day and crossing the border every day. The amount of line trade and cargo transportation also exceeds 1.7 billion US dollars. This borderline is related to the lives of many people between the United States and Mexico.

  The rally on Tuesday was one of Trump's four southern states, and it was undoubtedly a campaign for the November election. At this rally, Trump reiterated: “There are illegal immigrants crossing the border into our country. Some of them are good people, others are bad people. I mean murderers and rapists. Some of them are from Mexico. Come in."

  Dating back to the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s argument that illegal immigrants were referred to as “murderers and rapists” caused huge controversy, and the construction of the border wall was a major commitment Trump made at that time. It is also to cooperate with one's own immigration policy.

  Nearly four years have passed. We look back and see that after Trump took office, he has indeed actively promoted the wall repair project, and during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the construction of the border wall has not stopped.

  Some analysts pointed out that it is clear that Trump hopes to once again shape the border wall and illegal immigration issues into his own campaign bargaining chips. The border wall and illegal immigration cards have proven to be very useful.

  The current time has entered the end of August. Seeing that the November U.S. general election is approaching day by day, various polls show that Trump’s November re-election does not seem to be dominant. At this point in time, Trump is so proactive. The statement of mentioning the cost of the border wall is actually to remedy the promise he made during the election period, and also to keep his loyal supporters. From a perspective, it is a bit of "end of the way" and started to "kill chickens and get eggs." "Operation, because if Trump reached out to the remittances of Mexican diaspora, it would be equivalent to giving up the votes of these Mexicans in the United States.

  Although the Mexican president and Mexican officials did not respond to Trump’s new border move, some mainstream media and analysts in Mexico believe that the official attitude of Mexico will likely remain unchanged, that is, they will not recognize that the United States requires Mexico to act. The proposition that the border wall pays.

  At the same time, it is also very likely that the Mexican government will adopt the usual method before, that is, "cold treatment", and adopt the method of "no response, no position" to some of Trump's so-called statements and new decisions. This time the so-called border collection For transit fees and taxes on overseas remittances, Mexico will most likely choose to wait and see changes. We will also continue to pay attention to follow-up news on the border wall between Mexico and the United States and border policies.

  (Headquarters reporter Sheng Jiadi and Lu Xinglin)