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Healthcare workers about kicking off structural wage increases

The structural wage increases are definitely off the table. The cabinet believes that healthcare should be helped in a different way, because the economic contraction currently does not allow a wage increase. Many healthcare workers responded to NUjij with understanding, but also do not feel that the cabinet really supports them. We spoke to a few of these healthcare workers about the development.

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More work due to corona crisis

Unemployment figures have been rising in recent months due to the consequences of the corona crisis. We surveyed whether people have started working more or less in the past period.

Our poll showed that 44 percent of voters started working more during the corona crisis and that the work situation remained unchanged for 39 percent. Reader NVMT explains why she is one of the 5 percent who lost his or her job.

“I was not fired, but I quit the job myself. Both my partner (construction) and myself (healthcare) were unable to work from home and the workload increased considerably for both of us. At the same time, the children were sitting at home and emergency shelter was difficult because only one of us had a vital job. We have chosen eggs for our money, family first. Work will come back to me later. Fortunately, we have always lived frugally, so this is now possible. ” NVMT

With Koeman at Schiphol

Ronald Koeman leaves the Dutch national team and will be next season at FC Barcelona. There, the former player of the Catalans can build a new team.

Many Dutch people allow Koeman to take this step, including reader Emmen_Drenthe. He recalls a nice anecdote.

“[..] It is a great honor for me to have breakfast with Koeman, who is also a bit northerly, at the same table at Schiphol together with a charming KLM flight attendant who did not know who he was. The man was sociable, down to earth and very nice. Just with both feet on the ground. When I explained to the flight attendant who he was, "former footballer of FC Groningen" he laughed… It was an unforgettable breakfast. ” Emmen_Drenthe

New corona measures are lurking

Last week, Prime Minister Mark Rutte held a press conference about the current state of affairs regarding the corona virus. In this he emphasized that there is currently no question of a second wave, but that there is a chance if the measures are not taken seriously.

A separate press conference was held in Amsterdam in which Mayor Femke Halsema also issued a warning: stick to the rules, or we may have to close things. Reader Maarten1 is pleased that Halsema is issuing this warning, but believes that measures should come from a different angle.

“The emphasis should be more on tourists. Belgians and Germans flock to shop on Sundays, making it overcrowded. Where they have to wear robbery mouth cover at home, they pay no attention to this because it is so free. Amsterdam will have the problem with the many tourists who, in addition to the local infections, cause a lot of uncertainty. ” Maarten 1

After the press conference, many readers had questions about the new measures, such as how many people you can meet at home. We answered these questions in this article:

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