Strict accountability and heavy protection to implement the judicial responsibility system

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate deliberates the requirements of Zhang Jun in the People’s Procuratorate’s Judicial Accountability Regulations

  Our newspaper, Beijing, August 21. Reporter Zhou Bin. The Procuratorial Committee of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a meeting today to deliberate the Regulations on the Investigation of Judicial Responsibility of the People’s Procuratorate (Draft for Deliberation). The Supreme Procurator General Zhang Jun presided over the meeting and made arrangements for the full implementation of judicial responsibilities by procuratorial organs.

  "In response to the new situation and requirements of procuratorial work, it is very necessary and timely to formulate the People's Procuratorate's Judicial Accountability Regulations." After studying the draft regulations one by one, the members of the prosecution committee present at the meeting combined with the actual procuratorial work in the new era Improving the regulations and strengthening the implementation of judicial responsibilities-"It is necessary to clarify the functional boundaries, and effectively link the judicial accountability procedures of the procuratorial organs with the disciplinary inspection and supervision procedures." "The regulations should be both a system of accountability and a system of protection. Reflect the principle of the unity of serious accountability and legal protection" "It is necessary to clarify the accountability of leaders in judicial case handling"...

  "The investigation of judicial responsibility for prosecutors in handling cases is a major event. Deepening the reform of the judicial system has further clarified the legal responsibilities of prosecutors, promoted the fair and efficient performance of duties by prosecutors in accordance with the law, and effectively implemented the people-centered and comprehensive rule of law that General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized. The spirit of important instructions is implemented. At present, the deployment of judicial reform is becoming deeper and more practical, and the accountability of prosecutors should be deeper and more practical. Prosecutors must both strictly hold accountable and strengthen Team management must also be good at holding accountability and protecting the enthusiasm of work. Only when accountability and protection go hand in hand can we seek truth from facts and can truly implement the "four comprehensives" and achieve comprehensive results." The judicial responsibility system puts forward specific requirements:

  "It is necessary to implement the relevant provisions of the Prosecutors Law, adhere to the organic integration of serious accountability and legal protection, strictly distinguish the responsibility for quality defects in case handling and responsibilities for illegal case handling, and refine the specific circumstances under which prosecutors and judicial assistants should be held accountable for handling cases. Property accountability through accountability Create an'endogenous motivation' to improve the political, professional, and professional ethics of prosecutors. Only with the pressure of accountability can the relevant responsibilities be implemented. At the same time, they must be scientific and rigorous, and follow the law of judicial prosecution work. In order to enable the prosecutors to combine freely performing their duties with rigorous performance, and implement them in place. Neither can the lack of accountability lead to judicial arbitrariness, nor should the prosecutors shrink their hands because of improper accountability, and they can’t act, on the contrary make judicial responsibility impossible. Implementation will delay the supervision and handling of the case, thereby infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and affecting the fair and efficient implementation of the law."

  "Judicial accountability is a delicate process, and it is also a process of implementing the responsibility of governing the party. The procuratorial organs should implement the main responsibilities and supervision responsibilities with political consciousness, the rule of law consciousness, and the procuratorial consciousness, proactively pursue judicial accountability, and insist on early implementation. Grasping the small and preventing the slightest failure will truly embody'strictness is love, and forgiveness is harm'."

  The leaders of the Supreme Procuratorate, full-time members and members of the Procuratorate participated in the review.