The film company "20th Century Studios" announced its latest movie Death on the Nile, which is based on the novel of the famous crime and mystery novelist Agatha Christie, of the same name, and has been translated a lot into Arabic with different titles, These include “Crime in the Nile Valley,” “Crime on the Nile,” and “Death on the Banks of the Nile,” among others, and the film will be shown on 23 October.

"It is only when it is too late to absorb moments of real importance in your life," says Agatha. You can really feel it in her novel Death on the Nile, which tells of one of the most mysterious and dramatic murders.

On a ship on the Nile River, a group of businessmen and the world's richest meet in a huge party to enjoy their time, but at a moment everything changes when Lynette Ridgway kills Doyle, who was on her honeymoon with her husband Simon Doyle, who left his ex-fiancée Jacqueline de Belfort from Put it off.

But fortunately there is one of the most famous detectives on board the ship, the Belgian Detective Hercules Poirot, whose vacation turns into a mission to uncover the killer, who brutally ended Jacqueline's life; Everyone is accused, headed by his ex-fiancée, and Poirot says in the trailer for the movie, "I ask you, have you loved so much before, have you been so obsessed with jealousy that you might be killed?"

It is the killer? It is not easy, and despite the ingenuity and fame of Detective Poirot to solve the most complex mysteries, in this particular crime he said, "I have investigated many crimes, but this has changed my soul." So how will Poirot reveal the mystery of this crime?

The film starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh as Detective Hercules Poirot, who will reveal to us the secrets of the murder of Lynette Ridgway Doyle, played by actress Gal Gadot, with the participation of Emma Mackie, who plays Jacqueline de Belfort, Armie Hammer, who plays Simon, and Indian actor Ali Fadl, The screenplay was written by Michael Green.

The World of Christie-Poirot

Branagh revealed the start of production of the film in 2017 in his interview with the Associated Press, and confirmed his intention to create a cinematic world entitled "Christy-Poirot" inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie and her fictional character, Detective Hercules Poirot.

"I think there are potential opportunities for other works in the future," he said in his interview. "There are 66 books, short stories and plays with exciting novels that the audience awaits."

This is not the first work in which Branagh has borrowed from Agatha Christie's novels, and the film "Crime in the Nile Valley" is a sequel to the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" in 2017, from which it starred and directed Also, with the participation of American actors Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley and Judi Dench, and achieved $ 352 million in revenue from a budget of $ 55 million.

"Death on the Nile" is not the first adaptation of the novel, as it was produced in 1978, directed by John Guillerme, and starring Peter Ustinov, Bette Davis, and Mia Farrow, and won an Oscar, and was then produced again in the form of a 2004 television series entitled "Poirot Agatha. Agatha Christie's Poirot.