Erika Helin, who popped out of the Miss Finland competition and later posed in the Portuguese Playboy, for example, published an honest article on her Instagram account on Friday, in which she opened up to her ex-boyfriend.

In updates published in the stories section of Instagram, Helin, 26, told his followers that he had had little contact with his ex-spouse for three months. This week, however, he received a surprising phone call from the man. The man hoped that Helin would no longer talk about the difference or his feelings about it in public.

- He called me to ask if I could stop talking about my feelings in public, because anything related to our resignation could negatively affect his career and private life. It was agreed that I would respect his wish and in return he would not speak to anyone in a disrespectful tone of black and that he could always call if there was really an emergency, Helin wrote on Instagram.

- Black was nice that he shows even a little humility and takes responsibility for his actions. It was agreed that one can be in adult-like intervals, hello when we see and continue life from now on. He expressed the hope that Erika we can not be in this more context, because I fall in love with the mouth again, Helin continued his writing.

Photo: Erika Helin's Instagram

Photo: Erika Helin's Instagram

In her stories section of Instagram, Helin said she had made it clear to her ex-husband that despite the reconciliation, she would not be forgiven for things she had already done. Among other things, Helin said that the man had promised another woman that he would leave Helin and that the male friend had had the key to the other woman's apartment, among other things, during the relationship.

- Well, I thought, however, that this is a smart deal to bury old grudges, be in between and leave everything that happened in the past. But how wrong I was. It didn't take long after it had been barking around after the call, but all around as a complete lunatic. Wow, Helin settled on Instagram.

- This was a great reminder of why we hadn't been dealing. I have no idea whether the type believes in their own lies or onks for someone with a great master plan for other people’s headaches. This opening now still thanks to the sun’s loyalty. Leave me alone, Miss Miss shook.

Erika Helin has become known for, among other things, the Paradise Hotel reality program and the Miss Finland competition.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Erika Helin originally went public in 2015 when she participated in the Paradise Hotel reality TV show. Three years later, Helin competed for the Miss Finnish crown, but was left out of the prize places at that time.

Last year, Helin, for her part, realized one of her biggest dreams when she got to pose for the Portuguese Playboy magazine. This summer, too, there has been plenty of hustle and bustle in Helin's life, as she has participated in the cover photo competition of the legendary Maxim men's magazine, among other things, and started trading her pictures on the bold Only Fans website.

Helin told Ilta-Sanomat in June that she currently enjoys wild single life in the Helsinki metropolitan area. However, at the time, he revealed that he dreamed of finding a man to enjoy summer in Helsinki with.

- Yes, I could date every day. Someone could take me on a hot air balloon flight, Helin hinted at the time.