Libya Provisional Government Immediate ceasefire announcement Political solution Can we start? Focus 22 August 5:46

In Libya, North Africa, where the country split into east and west and the civil war continues, the western transitional government announced an immediate ceasefire across the country, and the fighting that was worsened by the intervention of the concerned countries subsided and a political solution was settled. The focus is on stepping out.

In Libya, after the collapse of the dictatorship, the country was divided, and there was a civil war between the provisional government based in the western capital Tripoli and military organizations in the east, and the countries concerned were military With the help, the situation is getting worse.

In June, neighboring Egypt, which supports military organizations in the east, proposed a ceasefire, and the military organizations announced acceptance, but the Western transitional government supported by Turkey did not accept it and the fighting continued. It was.

Meanwhile, the transitional government issued a statement yesterday, revealing that Prime Minister Silage ordered an immediate ceasefire across the country.

Although military organizations have so far not made an official reaction, a representative council working with them called for an immediate ceasefire, and supporting Egypt made a statement welcoming the ceasefire.

The provisional government's Prime Minister Shirarge also proposed raising foreign troops and troops outside the country and holding an election in March next year, which would lead to a ceasefire and a political solution. Is the focus.