US "Golden murderer" Former police officer sentenced to life sentence 13 murders, etc. August 22, 21:41


A court in the state of California in the United States called a ``golden state murderer'' for repeating murder and sexual assault, and sentenced a man of a former police officer who was charged with murder and other crimes to life imprisonment on the 21st ..

A former police officer in California, USA, defendant Joseph D'Angelo (74) was accused of murder and other crimes during the 1970s and 1980s for repeated murder and sexual assault.

In the court on the 21st, defendant D'Angelo apologized, "I'm really sorry for the injured people," and in the verdict, the court sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment without allowing parole.

According to US media and other sources, the defendant pleaded guilty in June for a total of 76 crimes, including 13 murders, subject to a judicial deal and excluding the death penalty.

In a series of incidents, the criminal had been unable to get a footstep for over 40 years and was known as the California murderer by another name in California. D'Angelo was arrested for allegedly.