Coronavirus: the French government postpones the presentation of the recovery plan

The spokesperson for the French government, Gabriel Attal, during the report of the Council of Ministers of July 22, 2020. Christophe Ena / POOL / AP / AFP

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It was to be officially announced Tuesday, August 25, but the French government's 100 billion-euro stimulus plan will not be presented until early September. He is ready, assures the government, which wants to focus on the return to school in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.


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Priority to the start of the school year and the health issue, this is the argument put forward by the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal , to explain the postponement of the presentation of the economic recovery plan to early September.

In a press release, he explains that the ministers must first ensure the right conditions for the start of the school year, while the Covid-19 epidemic shows signs of resurgence. The state has decided to make it compulsory to wear a mask in businesses as well as in colleges and high schools , and ministers are due to finalize the precise modalities of these provisions next week.

It will be presented "  the day after a return to school for which we must first ensure the right organizational conditions  " with regard to the fight against Covid-19, continues Gabriel Attal, specifying that a defense council will take place on Tuesday 25 .

"  The important thing is its content  "

At Bercy, we minimize the postponement to the extent that the plan is ready, they say, and where the important provisions for the French in terms of purchasing power are on track. The fact remains that this 100 billion euro plan is decisive for businesses and therefore for employment. Its objective, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire had indicated during the summer, is to find from 2022 a level of national wealth for France equivalent to the level before the crisis.

For the recovery plan, we can wait a week, the important thing is its content,  " responded Medef. “  In the immediate future, the health protocol must be well adapted to the reality of companies.  "

France will experience this year, a recession unprecedented in its magnitude due to the pandemic. The budget deficit is widening and according to the Ministry of Labor, the number of unemployed should explode. The opposition, which this week already considered this plan too late, will have to wait another week.

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