Former athletics stars Arto Bryggare and Heike Drechsler-Bryggare have followed the special athletics summer with great interest.

Although the coronavirus postponed the Tokyo Olympics and canceled the European Championships in Athletics, and the athletes were not able to train according to the normal calendar in the spring, surprisingly tough results have been seen especially in Finland during the summer.

- The women's hurdles are in full flight. It was even surprising to me that it’s about a fast pace, Bryggare praises.

However, for the hardest single performance of the summer, Bryggare will raise the throw of the hammer driver Aaron Kangas from the Espoo GP at the beginning of August. The fabric snatched the hammer to 79.05. The result would have won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

- Fierce, fierce level up. The press didn’t even realize it had the best athlete in Finland this season, Bryggare inches.

- On the other hand, there are even weak species, but it is always a concern for a small country. Especially on the sustainability side, it can be seen that the number of enthusiasts is small.

Drechsler-Bryggare hopes the Tokyo Olympics will be held next summer.

- This summer, there has been a big question about how athletes stay motivated. If the Olympics couldn’t be held next summer either, it would be really tough for athletes, the two-time long jump Olympic winner ponders.

Of the German athletes, he highlights one name in particular.

- Of course I follow the long jump with interest. Malaika Mihambo is really good, says Drechsler-Bryggare of last year’s Doha World Cup winner.

- Of course I also follow Finnish athletics. Women's hurdles are the number one sport here.