The main Russian opponent Alexei Navalny between life and death

Alexei Navalny, here in Moscow, February 29, 2020. REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov

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The main Russian opponent is still between life and death. France and Germany have reportedly offered to welcome him so that he can be treated in good conditions. Hospitalized Thursday morning after the emergency landing of the plane that brought him from Siberia to Moscow, Alexeï Navalny would have been the victim of poisoning according to his relatives.


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He is the number one opponent of Vladimir Putin since the assassination of Boris Nemtsov in 2015. And has never given up: in recent weeks he has still supported the protest movement in Khabarovsk province. He also strongly denounced the recent reform of the Constitution voted by referendum which allows the Russian president to remain in power until 2036.

His ability to mobilize tens of thousands of people in the streets has earned him many stays in prison. Last year with the approach of the elections in Moscow he united a strong opposition, many candidates close to the Russian president had been beaten.

The backlash was not long in coming, according to him: the Anti-Corruption Fund he created in 2012, and its members, have been targeted by the authorities in many cities recently: searches, freezes assets, fines, the FBK is now in difficulty.

Alexei Navalny was physically attacked on several occasions. He was burned in his eyes in 2017 by a chemical thrown in his face. In 2019, hospitalized urgently while in prison, he denounced an attempted poisoning.

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