Gioele's father, Daniele Mondello

  • The volunteer with the sickle and the remains of Joel: "I found him where others did not look for him"
  • Caronia, Procurator: remains found compatible with Joel's age
  • Caronia, the researches of Joel. Gathering of volunteers at the base camp
  • Heads to Pm: Joel was alive after the accident


20 August 2020 Yesterday the turning point on the case of Viviana Parisi and her son Gioele first disappeared and then found in the countryside of Caronia, after 15 days of research. Some bone remains were found compatible with those of a child of the same age as Gioele Mondello, the 4-year-old son of Daniele and Viviana Parisi.

The remains found thanks to the collaboration of some volunteers whose father had recalled with an appeal on 18 August. It was a volunteer, a retired ex-carabiniere who found the remains that could belong to little Gioele, just 200 meters from the guard rail where the accident involving his mother's car took place on the day of his disappearance on the 3rd. last August. Remains that according to an initial reconstruction would have been found scattered around the area affected by the disappearance of mother and son, perhaps dragged by dogs or wild animals. Now we await the outcome of the DNA test that officially establishes that those remains belong to the baby. 

Among the clothes found yesterday near the remains of a child of about 4, there were also a pair of blue shoes, the color that his mother, the DJ Viviana Parisi, had chosen for him. The news, reported by some newspapers, was confirmed by judicial circles. Today, together with other garments found among the brambles of the Caronia countryside, they will be shown for recognition to the father of the child and the woman's husband, Daniele Mondello. A sample will also be performed on the man to allow a comparative examination between his DNA and that of the child's remains.

For 15 days the specialized departments of the Carabinieri and the army were thoroughly patrolling the area, among them also the Hunters specialized in the search for fugitives, but yesterday after 5 hours from the start of the searches by the volunteers a volunteer Giuseppe Di Bello former brigadier of the Carabinieri reveals his discovery. Many of them of the place knew well the dense area of ​​the bush under the Nebrodi mountains.

"Five hours of work by a volunteer compared to 15 days by 70 experienced men give me objective doubts about the methods adopted for the research. Mine does not want to be a controversy, but the simple consideration of a husband and father destroyed by the loss of one's family ". 

"Despite the drama that overwhelmed me - he writes - I find it only right to thank those who
helped me . I dedicate a special thanks to the gentleman who found my son. If you hadn't been there, who knows if and when we would have found him". "Viviana and Gioele - concludes daniele Mondello - thank you and I send you a huge hug, you were great!".