Participation in the New People's Party of the People's Democratic Party/National Party will begin next week at 20:20 on August 20

Following the decision to join the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, the secretary-generals of both parties met on the 20th, and the schedule of the new party's representative election will be held next week, including independent members who will participate in the meeting. We confirmed that we would enter into concrete discussions for the party.

Secretary-General of the Constitutional Democratic Party Fukuyama and Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party Hirano had a meeting in the Diet on the afternoon of the 20th.

At the meeting, Mr. Hirano reported on the 19th that, as the National Democratic Party, he disbanded, joined the Constitutional Democratic Party, and officially decided on a policy to form a new party.

In addition, Mr. Hirano sought to understand that he wanted to carefully proceed with the dismissal, as Mr. Tamaki, who declared that he would not participate in the merger, proposed a "split party."

The two secretary-generals will also join representatives of the independent parliamentary group led by former Prime Minister Noda and former deputy Prime Minister Okada, who will join the confluence, and plan to join the party during the next week, including the schedule of the new party's representative election. I confirmed that I would enter into concrete discussions.

After that, Secretary-General Fukuyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "We will make an effort to make the people aware that a party that can replace the LDP administration has been born. With the talk of the "partition party" of the National Democratic Party, The party convention in early next month may be a bit tougher, but we want to hold it as early as possible from early to mid-season."

Chairman of the Ritsumin Ansho country "I want to invite as many people as possible"

The Constitutional Democratic Party's Chairman of the Azumi Diet Measures told reporters, "When it comes to one party, the strength of fighting with a monolith comes out. Again, the parliament is a number of battles, and as many people as there are I will be the first opposition party to fulfill my responsibilities, so I would like to ask as many members as possible to participate until the end."

Citizen Haraguchi vs. Chairman "I came while making the basic principles and policies consistent"

The National Democratic Party Chairman Haraguchi's National Assembly Countermeasures Representative told reporters, "We are confident that we have come to this point while aligning our basic philosophy with our policy. I would like to further brush up the draft plan of the new party that was created and make a basic policy."

Representative Meiji Matsui "No image of the new party"

Representative Matsui of the Japan Restoration Association said at a press conference, "No matter where you look, there is no image of the old Democratic Party and the new party at all. I can only see it with the old name. I don't know."

In addition, he said, "There can be no cooperation. It is impossible because political ideas and beliefs are completely different."

Communist Chairman of the Order "Toward the flow of opposition party struggle"

At the press conference, the chairman of the Communist Party Shii said, "I would like to refrain from going in and commenting because it is about another party. I look forward to it."

Corporate citizens will continue to carefully discuss confluence with private citizens.

Secretary-General Yoshida of the Social Democratic Party has repeatedly indicated that he will continue to carefully discuss the confluence talks with the Constitutional Democratic Party because of the cautious debate within the party.

The Social Democratic Party has been conducting joint talks with the Constitutional Democratic Party since December last year, and wants to gather opinions within the party at the party convention that will be held this autumn.

At the press conference, Secretary-General Yoshida noted that there was a cautious debate within the party due to differences in policies and other issues. I want to decide the pros and cons."

On the other hand, Mr. Yoshida said that the policy of merging the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party was decided, "We have overcome one mountain in forming a large mass of the opposition party. I want to look forward to it, and I want to keep an eye on future developments."