China News Agency, Moscow, August 20. On the 19th, Norway announced the expulsion of a Russian diplomat in Norway. The Russian Embassy in Norway protested this day.

  According to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian police recently arrested a Norwegian citizen suspected of espionage in the Norwegian capital Oslo, who was accused of illegally providing information to Russian diplomats. In the context of this incident, the Norwegian authorities decided to expel a Russian diplomat and asked him to leave the country within 72 hours. The news did not disclose the specific information of the Russian diplomat, but pointed out that he worked in the trade office of the Russian embassy in Norway.

  According to Norwegian police, a 50-year-old man who met with Russian intelligence agents was arrested on August 15 for allegedly transferring state secrets. The man was accused of providing information that "may harm Norway's interests" to a foreign country. If convicted, the person could face up to 15 years in prison.

  According to news from the Russian "RBC" news network, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador to Norway on the same day and informed its embassy that a diplomat was an unwelcome person and his behavior did not match the status of a diplomat.

  On the 19th, the Russian Embassy in Norway released a message via social networking sites that on August 15 the deputy representative of the embassy in charge of trade affairs was detained by the Norwegian security department for no reason when meeting with a Norwegian citizen. The deputy representative was searched and not Get the opportunity to contact the embassy or invite a Russian consular official to be there. The Russian side has protested to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the violation of the rights of diplomats.

  According to the Russian Embassy in Norway, the arrested Norwegian citizen was an employee of the "DNV GL" classification society (the world's largest classification society, headquartered in Oslo). The employee is responsible for projects such as oil and gas extraction, ship construction, and infrastructure procurement. He has many years of experience in cooperation with Russian companies. This kind of cooperation has never aroused doubts from Norway before.

  According to Norwegian media, the business of "DNV GL" classification society involves the certification of Russia's "North Stream" pipeline, which is an important channel for Russia to transport natural gas to Europe. (Finish)