Apple, an IT company, achieved a market capitalization of 2 trillion dollars, which was considered the dream number for the first time in a US listed company. The economy is in crisis due to the corona crisis, but on the contrary, the New York Stock Market recorded an intraday high yesterday (19th) as giant IT companies were winning and winning.

In New York, correspondent Kim Jong-won reports.


Apple's corporate value exceeded $2 trillion.

It became the first U.S. listed company to exceed $2 trillion in market capitalization.

Already at the end of last month, Apple, which surpassed the corporate value of Saudi state-owned oil company Aramco, became the world's most expensive company, set another new record this morning with a 2.1% increase in the stock price of $467.97 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Apple's first market capitalization of $1 trillion in August 2018 doubled in just two years.

[Tim Cook/Apple CEO: Our team has been working hard for years to achieve something important to all of us. It is the future of smartphones.]

Apple's stock price surged by about 60% from the beginning of this year when the corona crisis started, even though Chinese factories were shut down due to the corona crisis and offline stores were closed.

Not only Apple, but also Amazon and Microsoft have risen by 80% and 34%. Due to the corona crisis, more and more cases of telecommuting and remote classes relying on IT products have increased the stock price of IT giants.

The New York Stock Market broke a new record for a stock market high yesterday thanks to the success of these IT companies.

The New York Times said that the stock market was insane with the economy damaged by Corona, and analyzed that the S&P 500, which has yielded 2.4% this year, would have reversed to a negative 4.1% if these three dinosaur IT companies were excluded. I did.