Amnesty International has called on the Egyptian authorities to allow family visits for all detainees, including human rights defenders and political activists.

The organization said that the Egyptian authorities have deprived dozens of detainees for years from contacting their family members or their lawyers.

She added that since the suspension of family visits last March, prison administrations have prevented some detainees who are linked to political issues from exchanging messages with their family members.

The organization accused the Egyptian authorities of imposing discriminatory restrictions, with the intention of punishing the detainees for their political beliefs or for the peaceful exercise of their rights.

Amnesty International renewed its call on the Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders, and women human rights defenders, who are being held solely for their peaceful exercise of their freedom of expression, association, and freedom of assembly.

It also urged the State party to release children, remand detainees, and detainees who are particularly vulnerable to the disease, including elderly prisoners or those suffering from chronic medical conditions, as a way to reduce the number of prisoners and prevent harm.

And demanded that it consider adopting measures other than detention for persons accused of non-violent crimes.