US presidential election: Joe Biden officially invested by the Democratic Party

Joe Biden, invested Democratic candidate this August 18, 2020 in the presidential election, with his wife Jill, in a video posted online during the Democratic convention. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION / AFP

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Joe Biden was officially invested this Tuesday, August 18 by the Democrats for the US presidential election on November 3. The former vice-president of Barack Obama will face Donald Trump there, who accused him of being the “puppet” of the left wing of the party.


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In an unsurprising vote, the majority of Democratic delegates chose the former vice-president to challenge the Republican billionaire, on the second day of the party's convention held in Milwaukee, but entirely virtual due to the Covid-19.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,  " Joe Biden Biden, 77, responded in a live video message. He must accept this appointment this Thursday, during the closing speech of the convention which will bring the electoral campaign to the heart of the matter.

Two other former presidents, Jimmy Carter, 95, and Bill Clinton, 73, starred on the second night. Both accused the tenant of the White House of having installed "  chaos  " as the country is plunged into a serious economic and health crisis.

“  The Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it is the heart of the storm. There is only chaos,  ”said Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter for his part praised   Joe Biden's “ experience, personality and decency ” “  to bring us together and restore America's greatness  ”.

The rising star in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , figure of the left wing of the party and fierce opponent of the president, was only entitled to a brief intervention.

Jill Biden and her husband's two dramas

Joe Biden's wife Jill spoke late in the evening from a school in Wilmington, the family's home town in Delaware. The former teacher notably denounced the damage of the pandemic on families. She also delivered a vibrant testimony on the courage of her husband who lived through two personal tragedies, the death of his first wife and his daughter in a car accident in 1972, then that of her eldest son Beau who died of cancer. in 2015.

“  How do you reunite a broken family? The same way you unite a nation , she said. With love and understanding, and with small gestures of kindness. With courage. With unwavering faith.  "

Colin Powell: the "  same values  " as Joe Biden

Two respected figures in the Republican Party have shown their support for Joe Biden, capable, according to them, of unifying the moderates of the two camps: Colin Powell , former general and chief of the American diplomacy, and Cindy McCain, widow of Senator John McCain, deceased in 2018, hero of the Vietnam War that Donald Trump hated.

The values ​​I learned growing up in the Bronx and serving in uniform are the same values ​​Joe Biden's parents passed on to him in Scranton, Pa., " Said Colin Powell. I support Joe Biden as President of the United States because these values ​​still define him and we must restore those values ​​to the White House.  "

Colin Powell, Former US Secretary of State

Anne Corpet

Barack Obama is due to speak this Wednesday evening, after Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris.

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Puppet  "

Anxious not to let the Democrats monopolize all the media attention, Donald Trump crisscrosses the United States, concentrating his efforts on the key States. After Minnesota and Wisconsin on Monday, he visited Iowa and Arizona on Tuesday. He renewed, on this occasion, his attacks every day more aggressive towards the one he systematically affixed the mocking nickname of "  Sleepy Joe  " ("  Joe asleep  ").

Joe Biden is the puppet of the radical left  ", launched the president, to mobilize his conservative electorate. It goes beyond socialism. China absolutely wants him to win! Iran absolutely wants him to win  ! "

Our country was divided under ObamaBiden  "

For the opening night of the convention, the former First Lady Michelle Obama, who enjoys a popularity rating stainless in the Democratic camp, had delivered Monday an indictment on the record of Mr. Trump and denounced his "  total lack of empathy  ".

Accused of having widened the gap between two Americas, a "  red  " (Republican) and a "  blue  " (Democrat), Donald Trump responded tit for tat on Twitter. People forget how divided our country was under ObamaBiden,  " added the troubled president in the polls.

Current White House tenant Trump has confirmed he will deliver his speech after the Republican convention from the White House gardens on August 27.

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