All eyes are on the files that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will take out from his bag on the table of US President Donald Trump, during their upcoming meeting in Washington on Thursday evening, especially with regard to the US withdrawal, in addition to the retreat and neutralization of the activities of the armed factions. On the other hand, indications indicate that Al-Kazemi's return bag will be heavier than his trip. With hot American files and demands against Tehran and its loyalists.

Al-Obaidi believes that Al-Kazemi's inability to confine weapons to the hands of the state disturbs America (Al-Jazeera)

Encrypted messages

On his visit to Washington and his meeting with Trump, Al-Kazemi carries many encrypted messages, especially with regard to curbing the Iranian role and the armed factions loyal to it, as well as activating the American role in supporting Iraq at the economic level, coinciding with the decline in oil prices and the deterioration of the health situation after the high rate of infections and deaths from the virus. Corona, and before them the security file and the fight against ISIS, after repeated attacks on the security forces with new methods.

The contradiction in the positions of the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish components that make up the parties and the political process in the country is a very big problem, with the problem of confining weapons to the hands of the state, the movements of armed groups, some of which are part of the popular crowd and the others are not, and the repeated threats from ISIS, and this is what makes the Iraqi government unable On adopting these three files that will push Al-Kazemi into a narrow angle and embarrass him in front of Washington, says university professor and analyst Nabil Al-Obaidi.

Washington is looking - according to Al-Obaidi - for its interests primarily through its presence in Iraq, but the inability of the Al-Kazemi government to confine weapons to the state, strengthen its military institutions and combat rampant corruption. It puts it in perpetual chaos, and that's what bothers America.

Al-Obaidi expects that Al-Kazemi's visit to America will fail to achieve its expected financial and moral goals. Due to the presence of thorny and complex files in the portfolio of the Iraqi Prime Minister, as he meets at a complicated American table with Trump in the atmosphere charged due to the spread of Corona, the lack of weapons and the lack of control over the security situation with the rampant corruption in state institutions.

Commenting on Al-Kazemi's ability to persuade Trump to set a timetable for the withdrawal of his country's forces from Iraq, especially after the news that he met with the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ismail Qaani, on August 16; In his speech to Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Obaidi indicated that this matter is difficult for Al-Kazemi at a time when a large part of the Shiite blocs, along with the Sunnis and Kurds in Parliament, do not want to address this file. Which means postponing it or not putting it on this visit.

Al-Kazemi's media background helped him to be friends with two opponents at the same time, in addition to giving his visit to Washington a larger space than its normal size by his media team through social networking sites and its affiliated institutions.

Rasheed said that Al-Kazemi seeks to gain America's sympathy to deal with Iraq as a state and not as an arena for settling scores (Al-Jazeera)

Between two fires

Al-Kazemi's situation at the current stage, especially in this visit, can be described as being between two fires, or more precisely, between the American hammer and the Iranian anvil, and this is what makes the Iranian-American agreement in Iraq difficult for him, which makes the political scene in the country more bleak.

Iraqi journalist Obaid Rashid believes that after 2003 Iraq has become a proxy battleground between the Iranian and American camps and settling accounts for regional countries, forcing Al-Kazemi to move away from the idea of ​​putting forward a schedule for the American withdrawal, at a time when accusations are directed against him by Shiite parties of involvement in the assassination of the Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

Al-Kazemi will try, in his meeting with Trump - according to Rashid - to gain America's friendliness and sympathy to deal with Iraq as a country and not an arena for liquidation as is usual due to the mistakes of his predecessors in power, and he told Al-Jazeera Net that the Iraqi prime minister will present the reality of the country to Trump, and request financial aid to overcome the current crisis and save Iraq from its economic predicament, justifying that the success of Al-Kazemi is in Trump's interest in the upcoming US elections.

Nada Shaker believed that Al-Kazemi would find it difficult to convince Washington of his performance and achievements (Al-Jazeera)

Most notable achievements

Al-Kazemi will come out of his bag, the most prominent of his achievements during the past 100 days, especially with regard to the decline of the Iranian role in the country, and the movements of armed factions, to prompt Trump to pay many American companies to Iraq to support the economic and investment sectors in it.

In this context, a member of the Iraqi parliament, Nada Shaker believes that it is not in Iraq's interest to entrench itself in one side against another, and it is necessary for it to establish good relations with all countries of the world at a time going through several crises, in addition to the need not to turn into an arena for regional liquidations, However, all of this depends on what Al-Kazemi will present during his visit to Washington in general and his meeting with Trump in particular.

Regarding the possibility of Al-Kazemi requesting America for his support for the second term after he made internal moves to establish a political entity that includes all components, including the Kurds, in the elections to be held in the middle of next year, the Iraqi MP expected that Al-Kazemi would fail in this matter, because he did not present anything mentioned amid the chaos Scattered in the country.

Shaker asked: "How will America be convinced of the achievements and performance of Al-Kazemi at a time when the Iraqi people are not yet convinced, stressing the need for the Iraqi Prime Minister to reflect this visit in the interest of the country because he needs America more than it needs him, especially the security, political, economic and health levels."