An IS reader sat in his car in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, from ten in the morning on Tuesday, when he accidentally noticed a very unusual vision in an almost cloudless sky.

He observed three oblong circular, unrecognizable objects that moved in a symmetrical form but did not hold sound.

- I saw small, white spots high, from which I then took pictures and videos. They didn’t move very fast visually, and there was no idea what they could be, reader times.

According to him, the objects did not remain in the same formation for a long time: they moved as an aura until they gradually flowed into the row formation and from there back into the triangle. The spots first moved from northwest to southeast and later to the east.

The reader says that the objects were not followed by shower vanes or other cloud streaks. Their flight altitude was either significantly higher than that of passenger planes - or, correspondingly, they were clearly smaller than a passenger plane.

- Wonderfully looking, the reader compacts the particles that plunged into the sky for about an hour.

IS submitted a video to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, which could not give any explanation for the strange observation.

- These creatures were not identified by us, Antti Kokko, a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, admits after analyzing the video with several of his colleagues.

- We looked for a long time and looked closely, but found that the spots are of no meteorological origin, nor are the Finnish Meteorological Institute's equipment, ie weather balloons.

The three white spots moved alternately in a symmetrical aura and row formation in the Helsinki sky.

Image: Reader image

Weather observation balloons are helium-filled balloons that are utilized in weather research. They measure, for example, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and wind direction and speed

One point in mystical objects preoccupied the meteorologists of the Finnish Meteorological Institute especially.

- We were struck by their symmetry. It was really weird, Kokko wonders.

IS also showed the video to ANS Finland, which is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace and for route and air navigation services. The air traffic controllers watching the video were sure of what they saw.

- According to them, they were weather observation balls, says Leena Huhtamaa, Communications Manager at ANS Finland.

At the Finnish Meteorological Institute, ANS Finland's observation is not swallowed without biting.

- We don't tend to send three balls at a time that way. If we sounded something extra involved, then more instruments would be put in one and the same ball to perform the sounding. Our sounders are by no means, Kokko emphasizes.

The origins of the “creatures” that remained a mystery for hours were revealed on Tuesday afternoon.

Tarja Östberg, communications manager of another operator flying weather observation balls in Finland, and also of Vaisala's Weather and Environment business area, which manufactured them, informed IS that the objects detected by the reader were probably weather balls sent by them.

Vaisala initially agreed with the Finnish Meteorological Institute on the fact that the particles seen in the video did not seem like weather balls in the first place. However, the position changed after careful investigation.

- At that time, four weather balls were sent from Vaisala into the air. If there is no strong wind in the different layers of the atmosphere, the balls can fly in the formation from the moment they are released into the air, Östberg states.