The designated leader of the Death Patrol yawns as the prosecutor goes through his closing argument.

The 22-year-old is pointed out that armed with an AK47a has fired at least 14 shots at an already shot-wounded rival.

"Shottaz was tricked into a trap," said prosecutor Rasmus Kim Petersen.

Extensive evidence

The five defendants sit behind Corona-safe plastic screens, with a screen between each other and between themselves and the lawyer. The prosecutor goes through his conclusions of the extensive DNA evidence, fingerprints, information from the Swedish police about the gang conflict in the Rinkeby area and the defendants' own explanations. He questioned that they did not provide explanations until during the trial.

He took the designated gang leader as an example. At the trial, he claimed to have come to Denmark after the murders, that he was riding with friends other than the accused and that he must have accidentally leaned against the getaway car, an Audi RS6.

- He had more than a year to tell about the three witnesses who could give him an alibi, but we will only hear that now. Is it likely? No, it's not.

Based on the evidence, the prosecutor pointed out all five - based on the video that a witness filmed from parts of the murder. The leader was the one who carried the AK47, according to the prosecutor.

A 17-year-old held the pistol, which was also used as a murder weapon. Another relative of the youth, also 17, is said to have driven the car. A fourth carried objects from the victims' car. The fifth is said to have taken a picture of the 21-year-old victim who was shot 19 times. The picture was then spread via Snapchat by someone unknown.

Prosecutor: Trapped

The prosecutor claims that the three victims linked to Shottaz were tricked into a trap, that all suspects knew about the conflict and that they must have known that one of the five was a leading person in the gang in the Rinkeby area which according to Swedish police is part of the most violent conflict in Stockholm.

All deny the crime. The two who were 17 when the murders took place risk 20 years in prison. Life is on the penalty scale for others, if there are convictions.