The corona instructions for children are being relaxed, says Aamulehti. The City of Tampere's epidemiologist, infectious disease doctor Sirpa Räsänen, tells the newspaper that regional corona guidelines for early childhood education and schools are changing on Thursday.

According to Räsänen, the changes are based on the instructions of the Department of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture, which were updated on Wednesday.

According to the new guidelines, a child who has had respiratory symptoms can return to school or day care in the future if they have been completely asymptomatic for one day. A negative corona test is therefore no longer required. However, when respiratory symptoms occur, you still need to drop out of school and day care.

In the future, not everyone in the same family will need to get a negative test result from the corona test. If one of the families has a negative result, the other family members can return to school or day care when their potential symptoms have clearly eased.

Finland's updated corona testing strategy is scheduled to be published today at 6 pm in connection with a press conference from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.