Personnel hearing was held at the National Assembly for candidate Kim Dae-ji. Suspicions related to real estate such as camouflage transfer were mainly raised on the cutting board, and controversy arose over the remarks of Candidate Kim that he would examine Pastor Kwang-hoon Jeon's allegations of tax evasion.

Reporter Kim Min-jung's report.

<Reporter> The

Unification Party began to question the suspicion of the transfer of candidate Kim Dae-ji to the head of the National Tax Service.

In 2007, candidate Kim, who attended a training in Canada, got a private house in Jamsil, Seoul, and questioned whether the spouse and daughter maintained the pre-training address in Daechi-dong, Seoul, to go to a specific school.

[Gyeongjun Yoo/Future Integration Party Member: I think it was planned before leaving the country. So, obviously, since he did not report the transfer on purpose, I think it is a disguised transfer.]

Also, after Kim entered the apartment of his sister-in-law, he moved to his mother's address and asked if the five people lived together to receive additional points on the subscription.

Candidate Kim lowered his head when it came to disguised transfer, but

[Kim Dae-ji/National Tax Commissioner Candidate: I am sorry for the result of excessive love for my daughter.] He

strongly denied the suspicion of illegal subscription.

[Kim Dae-ji/National Tax Commissioner Candidate: Five people told me how to live in one house, but the common people of the middle class and below live so many.] The

ruling party lawmakers said there was no problem and went to cover.

[Park Hong-geun/Democratic Party Member: It does not conflict with speculation or disguised transfers more than once for school districts.]

Candidate Kim "checks" the question of Democratic Party lawmaker Woo Won-sik asking the necessity of a tax audit on Pastor Kwang-hoon Jeon . "I'll see", and when Rep. Yoon Hee-sook of the Unified Party pointed out whether there is a principle of tax audit of personnel taken by the ruling party, he clarified, "It was a fundamental answer."

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho and Ha Ryung, video editing: Kim Seon-tak)