China News Service, August 19th. Wang Bin, Inspector of the National Health Commission's Disease Control Bureau, introduced on the 19th the preparations for the prevention of autumn new coronary pneumonia, including influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases, including the improvement of prevention and control plans in key places and further improvement Command system for epidemic prevention and control, etc.

Data map: Citizens line up to register at intervals in the outpatient hall. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Di

  On the 19th, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the prevention and control of the autumn and winter epidemics and the role of medical and health workers in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  Autumn and winter are coming, and the risk of respiratory infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia, including influenza, may increase. What preparations has the National Health Commission made in this regard, and what other countermeasures?

  In this regard, Wang Bin said that on the one hand, we must sort out various normalized prevention and control measures. Combining the characteristics of autumn and winter, further improve the prevention and control plan of key places and key links. Recently, the National Health Commission has issued a technical plan for environmental monitoring of the new crown pneumonia in the farmer’s bazaar, a technical guide for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the farmer’s bazaar, and a technical plan for the prevention and control of the fall and winter epidemic in colleges, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens. At the same time, it also issued technical guidelines for the monitoring and early warning of infectious disease symptoms in schools, guidelines for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents during home isolation of infectious diseases, and other technical standards and measures to scientifically guide the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control in key places and links such as farmers’ markets and schools. , To further strengthen technical guidance.

  At the same time, the National Health Commission continues to coordinate with the development and reform, finance and other departments to coordinate the use of funds from anti-epidemic national debt and investment in the central budget to strengthen nucleic acid testing capabilities.

  Wang Bin pointed out that the National Health Commission has further carried out personnel training to prepare personnel, equipment, beds, materials and other aspects to respond to the epidemic in autumn and winter, and improve the ability of all aspects of epidemic response.

  The National Health Commission will also work with relevant departments to supervise and guide localities to tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, further improve the command system for epidemic prevention and control, and do not slack in the work of external defense input and internal defense rebound.

  Wang Bin said that in this process, the National Health Commission focused on monitoring and early warning and strictly implemented the "four early" measures to ensure the effective operation of the normalized prevention and control mechanism for timely detection, rapid disposal, precise control, and effective treatment. These work measures are a key link in the prevention and control of the autumn and winter epidemics, and at the same time accelerate the construction of nucleic acid detection capabilities.

  In addition, various places are currently strengthening plan drills, material reserves and professional training. The National Health Commission requires all localities to carry out large-scale investigations, large-scale training, and large-scale drills to improve the level and ability of emergency response, so as to be prepared.

  Wang Bin also pointed out that it is necessary to further extensively carry out social publicity and health education activities, continue to maintain the public's vigilance and awareness of the new crown epidemic, and continue to advocate hygienic habits and good lifestyles such as one-meter noodles, frequent hand washing, and use of public chopsticks.