The government announced new interest rate restrictions on Wednesday. The government outlined that internal border controls and travel restrictions would be reinstated for traffic from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Greece and Malta. The effects were immediately visible. For example, Aurinkomatkat and TUI canceled their trips to Greece. According to the Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo (Green), the recommendation for voluntary quarantine is valid for returnees from countries where internal border controls are in place.

With regard to the external borders, restrictions on traffic from Ireland, San Marino, Cyprus and Japan will be reinstated. The decision to suspend Skopje flights will be taken at official level during August. Instead, members of border communities living on the Swedish and Norwegian sides were given the opportunity to do business on the Finnish side, even though internal border controls have been restored. This is guaranteed to be praised in the Tornio and Haparanda regions.

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But in general, Finland's hard line continues. Finland's corona line in cross-border traffic is the strictest in the EU. Finland still insists that the risk limit for travel is 8–10 corona cases per inhabitant in two weeks. It has also helped keep the corona situation in Finland under control. Finland's conditions in the EU are only met by three countries, Hungary, Latvia and the Vatican.

Now the question is how long Finland will be able to adhere to the strictest restrictions in the EU. Holiday tourism with its unnecessary tourist trips has been on the agenda, but it is also about business travel and the Finnish economy. It must be remembered that Finland is in danger of being left behind in the EU. In the EU, the recommended limit is 15 to 20 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (center) was concerned about the economy in an interview with Ilta-Sanomat (IS 18. 8.). Lintilä asked whether Finland's expression limit is sustainable in the future as well.

- So many people imagine that it's just a pleasure trip. Work-related travel is an extremely important thing for Finland, Lintilä reminded. If or when travel restrictions hit international service personnel, for example, Finnish industry will run into problems in the long run. Annual maintenance of large factories is not only done by domestic forces.

In the general debate, all passengers are unnecessarily branded as irresponsible rammers. The reason for a leisure trip can also be, for example, taking care of necessary family matters. The disapproval of such passengers who conscientiously follow quarantine and security instructions is unfounded.

During the autumn, the question of how long society can be kept in a state of emergency, which has no end in sight, will arise at the Finnish, EU and also global levels. Solutions are not simple when health and economy have to be pitted against each other. The epidemic cannot be allowed to rage, but it is also known that the economic consequences of endless restrictions, let alone a new sudden halt, would be catastrophic. And there is not only an economy in the horizontal cup, but also the normal everyday life of people: whether to meet other people, do their work in the workplace or eat in a restaurant.