Chinese Army U.S. destroyer accused of passing Taiwan Strait opposition to strengthen relations with Taiwan 22:32 August 19

The US Navy destroyer passed the Taiwan Strait on the 18th, and the Chinese army accused the US side on the 19th, after making it clear that it had pursued the destroyer. China is accusing the United States of gradually increasing its military ties with Taiwan.

According to the US Navy 7th Fleet, the destroyer "Mastin" deployed at the US Navy Yokosuka base has passed the Taiwan Strait on the 18th.

A spokesman for the eastern theater of the Chinese Army over the East China Sea said in a statement yesterday that he was tracking the destroyer in all its journeys. Repeatedly exerting adverse effects, sending false signals to the forces planning Taiwan independence, significantly impairing the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait."

Last week, U.S. Secretary of Health and Welfare visited Taiwan, and in response to this, multiple Chinese military fighters temporarily entered the airspace on the Taiwanese side, crossing the "middle line" of the Taiwan Strait, and the Chinese military Military exercises were conducted in the waters including the Taiwan Strait.

China is strongly opposed to the US gradually strengthening its ties with Taiwan, such as accelerating the pace of military dispatch to Taiwan and deciding to sell arms to Taiwan one after another.