The national heat wave has officially ended after thirteen days, Weerplaza reports. With a temperature of 24 degrees in De Bilt, it was not warm enough on Tuesday to continue the heat wave. For that it had to be at least 25 degrees.

Characteristic of the heat wave, which lasted from 5 to 17 August, were the tropical temperatures: the mercury rose above 30 degrees on nine days.

"We have never had seven consecutive days with temperatures above 30 degrees, and now there were even eight," says meteorologist Raymond Klaassen. "That is very special."

The hottest day in De Bilt was Saturday, August 8, when it became 34.6 degrees. Never since the measurements began in 1901 were the temperatures so high on August 8.

The heat wave in recent weeks is the longest ever recorded in the month of August. The old record of early August 2004 was ten days. The longest measured national heat wave lasted a total of 16 days. This started on July 15, 2006.

Regional heat waves in four provinces

Although the national heat wave is now over, regional heat waves are still active in four provinces. Klaassen expects Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Overijssel and Gelderland to be able to add two more days after Tuesday.

Klaassen does not expect high temperatures in the short term, with the exception of Thursday - "an outlier". The meteorologist says it will be cooler from Sunday. That day it will be 20 degrees in the middle of the Netherlands.