In Finland, Ajovarma is responsible for driving license applications and examinations. At this time, it may take longer than usual to obtain a driver's license. Ajovarma, Traficom's contract partner, is currently announcing on its own website that "Please also note that driving and handling tests are congested in some places."

According to the MP industry, the service promise of a week's driving license test will not be fulfilled in this way.

- This summer, a month must be queued for a motorcycle card driving test, and if you are backpacking, at least the second month before you can get the card. The situation is unsustainable, as you can expect a pre-paid motorcycle in the shop, which you can't just ride, says motorcycle trainer Jarmo Jokilampi.

- When it can take more than two months to receive a card, the majority of a normal motorcyclist's driving time in Finland will have time to return, Jokilampi apologizes.

- Obviously, the sanctions for a non-functioning service are so small that Ajovarma does not care about them, but is willing to pay them when there is no other service provider competing, Jokilampi reflects in a press release from motorcycle dealers.