In the month of Hoda Haddad's birth, the gentle lady with a sweet voice, we tell her story so that generations do not forget her voice. Hoda Wadih Haddad is Fayrouz (Nihad Haddad) younger sister, this month she turns 76. After a long journey of trying to appear next to her sister, her fame was confined to the Levant region, and her fame did not rise in the Arab countries or abroad compared to the fame of her family, where she is considered the least famous in the Fayrouz and Rahbanah family.

Her songs are similar to her sister because of the similarity of sound, and most of her songs are composed by Rahabneh, which makes it difficult to differentiate between her songs and the songs of Fairouz, so when you hear her at first glance, she will think that she is Fayrouz, and as she answered in one of the meetings about the reason for not spreading, "If the sun shines, its light covers the stars." ".

Hoda Haddad began working in art since 1959 with the help of the Rahbani brothers, where she sang in a singing trio consisting of her and Ilham Rahbani and Siham Shammas. Her talents varied as she sang, danced, represented and presented programs. She was represented in many Lebanese series and films, including the series "Days of Study", It is a series that takes place in a children's school, in which she played the role of a teacher, and a series of "Day to Day" by the Rahbani brothers, which takes place in a company in which she plays the role of a secretary and co-stars the great actor Antoine Kerbaj.

In the cinema, she participated in 3 films "Bayaa Al Khawat", "Safar Berlik" and "The Lost Wife". In the theater, she participated in 8 plays. She presented the role of Socrates' wife in the play "The Last Days of Socrates" which was shown in Beirut, Cairo and Abu Dhabi. The Rahbani brothers, and "Al Dayaa Opera" in 2009.

She worked in many television programs, including the singing program "Dafatir Al-Layl" 1971, in which she played the role of a light-hearted presenter, singing and presenting the songs of Mrs. Fairouz and singing sketches for other singers, and she sang many songs, including "between me and you, oh Hallel" and "Yaba'a" And “Nobody Hears Us”, “Lina and Ya Lina”, “The Badra We Meet” and “If I'm Happy,” she has also performed in Lebanon.

Hoda and Fayrouz

Hoda is 9 years younger than Fayrouz and as long as she considered her like her mother, so she always accompanied her everywhere, whether in a small role, dialogue, or just to appear next to her. You can distinguish her in the song "My mother slept on Bakir", because she is that girl with two braids sitting next to Fayrouz, and she is the girl who loves the young man In the song "Haidwa Al-Helwyn", she also participated in secondary roles such as singing in the play "Mays El-Reem", "Lulu", "Evening of Love" and the play "Petra".

About Fayrouz’s opinion of her sister’s talent, she said in one of the interviews with the program’s host, Anis Mansour, when one of the attendees asked her about her sister and the merits of her voice: “My sister sings light songs ... God has a special color ... She does not do concerts. She participates with us, but our concerts and television.”

Despite the fame of her sister, which affected her appearance alone, Hoda Haddad possesses aesthetic components, a sweet voice, lightness of shade and a distinctive playful personality, and she achieved a career full of success, and she continued to accompany her sister in parties and meetings with her good spirit that supports her at times and shares her another time.

Until her last appearance, she remembered her sister with good words, and she was honored at the Beirut International Festival and sang some of her songs. Hoda married Shawqi Ziada, and they have a son and daughter Joseph and Dina.