• Heads to Pm: Joel was alive after the accident
  • Dead DJ, the PM: in surveillance video he is with Gioele in the car in Sant'Agata
  • Dj dead: Gioele searches continue, Prosecutor still leaves all hypotheses open


August 18, 2020 Viviana Parisi was "agitated and frightened" as she walked away quickly with her 4-year-old son Gioele in her arms and with a "protective" attitude, after the accident in the Messina-Palermo tunnel. "At that moment the fragility of the woman emerges", says Patti's prosecutor, Angelo Cavallo, owner of the file currently open against unknown persons for murder and kidnapping. Yesterday the super-witness, an entrepreneur from the north in those days on holiday with his family in Sicily, said that the little boy - who after 15 days is still being searched with the use of drones and molecular dogs - was alive, in his mother's arms with her eyes open and no wounds.

The DJ suffered from psychic discomfort, was followed by a specialist, between delusions of persecution and mystical delusions. She had gone through a difficult time during the lockdown and was still not well with moments of lack of clarity and feared that her son would be taken away. "A condition of malaise and vulnerability that feeds the murder-suicide trail, even if the magistrate points out that he does not Nothing is excluded. Today in the prefecture a new summit with the prosecutors and the forces involved in the research to find little Gioele, in an area of ​​about 500 hectares in an insidious and difficult territory.

Even today about 70 people, including firefighters , Civil Defense, Forestry, Police, Financial Police and military personnel of the Carabinieri Hunters' Unit and specialized dogs, are 'beating' the dense bush in the area where the woman's body was found, also checking wells, fountains, drinking troughs and farmhouses. Today in the Prefecture of Messina new summit to guide research. Joel's family members also continue their inspection of the Caronia woods with the help of friends. Yesterday the parents of Viviana asked the prosecutor of Patti, Angelo Cavallo, to be able to carry out research independently.

Gioele's father invites citizens to participate in the research
"I invite all those who want to join the research of my son Gioele to show up on Wednesday 19 August at the coordination center on the ss113 at the IP petrol station in Caronia. We will be there around 7.30am . It is recommended to wear suitable clothing, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Thank you in advance ". So on his Facebook profile Daniele Mondello, the father of little Gioele, the 4-year-old boy who disappeared since last August 3.