By Michela Coricelli 18 August 2020 The contrasted opening of Wall Street - with the flat Dow Jones and the Nasdaq gaining half a point - does not completely convince the European markets, which continue the session less toned and more nervous.
Milan slows down and marks a slight increase of 0.03% in line with Frankfurt, while London drops almost half a point and Paris 0.26%.

The symbolic threshold of $ 2,000 an ounce for gold, a safe haven asset par excellence, has been exceeded, close to the all-time highs reached on 7 August. Fears of new waves of contagion and tensions between the United States and China are pushing the precious metal.

Not only gold is flying: the euro continues to strengthen and exceeds $ 1,950, the highest since May 2018. The reasons for the weakness of the dollar are the same as for the strength of gold: concern for the postponement of discussions on the agreement trade between the United States and China, mainly.