Belarusian footballer Ilya Shkurin, 21, has announced that he will not represent the Belarusian national team as long as Alexander Lukashenko remains president.

The issue has been reported by CNN, among others. The Central Election Commission of Belarus announced the election of Lukashenko a week ago by an overwhelming majority for its sixth consecutive term.

In recent days, Belarus has seen large-scale protests demanding the resignation of Lukashenko, who has ruled the country since 1994.

The attacker representing the Moscow Central TsSKA Moscow spoke about its boycott in an Instagram photo, which spectacularly displays the old white-red flag of Belarus, which has become a symbol of protests against Lukashenko.

- I refuse to play for the national team as long as the Lukashenko regime is in power, Shkurin writes.

Shkurin had been elected to the League of Nations of Belarus. Belarus will face Albania and Kazakhstan in September.

Shkurin won the Belarus Main Series goal kingdom in the 2019 season, scoring a whopping 19 goals in 26 matches in the FC Energetik-BGU Minsk shirt.

In the picture below, Shkurin is in the colors of the Minsk club.

The 2021 Ice Hockey World Championships are scheduled to take place in Belarus and Latvia. Last week, Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins announced that it would be impossible for Latvia to hold joint competitions with Belarus.

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EU foreign ministers will decide on Friday on possible sanctions against Belarus.

Ilya Shkurin represents TsSKA Moscow.

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / Getty Images