The venue of the annual conference of "People's Love for Medicine Action".

  People's Daily Online, Beijing, August 16 "Respecting medical staff means respecting life, and caring for medical staff means taking care of our own lives and health." "The epidemic is normalized, and the good doctor-patient relationship formed during the epidemic should also be normalized." Those who hold salaries for the public must not be frozen to death in the wind and snow.” On the afternoon of the 15th, on the afternoon of the 15th, on the occasion of the third Chinese Physician’s Day and the fourth anniversary of the National Health and Health Conference, it was guided by People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online. The annual meeting of "People's Love Medical Action" sponsored by People's Health to pay tribute to the loveliest person in the new era was held in Beijing. The medical workers who had fought on the front line reviewed the "epidemic" moments this year, and their touching stories made people cry.

  "At such a difficult time, the majority of medical staff have heavy tasks, high risk of infection, and high work pressure, but they have not flinched and have been fighting in their respective positions to protect the health of the people." Medical Administration and Medical Administration of the National Health Commission Bureau Supervisory Commissioner Jiao Yahui said that for medical staff, understanding, respect, support and recognition are needed. From birth to leaving the world, medical staff have been protecting us from beginning to end. Respecting medical staff means respecting life, and caring for medical staff means taking care of our own lives and health. It is hoped that with the help of the media, a stronger and longer lasting environment and atmosphere of respect for doctors and health can be created.

  A number of medical workers were invited to talk about the experience of the “epidemic” in the frontline war.

Academician Zhang Boli spoke online.

  "The epidemic is coming, and medical staff must go to the frontline." Zhang Boli, the winner of the national honorary title of "People's Hero", academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared his feelings with everyone through online communication. "In the face of the epidemic, it is the patients who are more helpless and fearful than we are. We must be responsible to the patients and we must always put the care of the patients first."

Dean Zhang Dingyu spoke online.

  "I am a patient, but also a doctor." Zhang Dingyu, the winner of the national honorary title of "Hero of the People", deputy director of the Health Commission of Hubei Province, and director of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, mentioned in the connection that new wards need to be vacated. When the patient was temporarily transferred, he was very moved by their understanding and cooperation: "During the whole process, the patient showed great trust in our doctor, which stems from the friendship we forged with the patient in our daily work. I hope that the good doctor-patient relationship established during the epidemic can be maintained. What doctors can do is not only treatment, but also love and confidence."

Wang Yuying talked about the experience of fighting the epidemic on the spot.

  Wang Yuying, head nurse of the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Peking University First Hospital, an advanced personal recommendation object in the country’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, shared at the scene that when he walked next to the patient, they saw a pair of expectant eyes and they needed to care. And caring. In the face of severely ill patients, nurses can also be nervous and anxious, but when she (they) walk to the ward, they can ignore their safety. "This is our nurse, this is our loveliest person."

Sun Jing tells the story of "War Epidemic".

  Sun Jing, the deputy head nurse of the lung transplantation department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, an advanced personal recommendation object in the country's fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, said that as a head nurse in the medical team for the aid to Hubei, she feels that the responsibility and pressure on her are extremely difficult. "We are very pleased to see the patients getting better day by day. On the day we left Wuhan, when we saw the citizens of Wuhan who waved to us, our colleagues wept. At that time, they didn't feel that they were great, but that they were really useful!" Sun Jing said emotionally.

  "We have taken more than 42,000 portraits, and have experienced more than 42,000 touches." Li Ge, chairman of the China Photographers Association, member of the People's Daily Editor's Office, and senior reporter, also went to the front line in Wuhan to record medical workers. In an unforgettable moment during the war against the epidemic, he shared the "loveliest person" in the scene at the scene. Li Ge said that the group photo of the patient and the medical worker was spread on the Internet, and many netizens left messages. These photos let everyone see In the ideal state of the doctor-patient relationship in the new era, the medical staff and the patient have a feeling of "not a relative, but better than a relative".

"Cohesion of social forces and salute to the benevolence of doctors" roundtable forum.

  In the roundtable forum with the theme of "Cohesion of Social Forces and Salute to Doctors", Liu Xinmin, Dean of Peking University First Hospital, Ye Yongan, Party Secretary of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Wu Guizhen, Chief Expert of Biosafety, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China Media Dong Guanpeng, Dean of the College of Government and Public Affairs, and Pu Shaohua, Chairman of Bright Dairy Co., Ltd., discussed the new changes in the doctor-patient relationship, the significance of the war epidemic to the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine, established the image of public health personnel, and press releases The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the role of epidemic prevention and control, and how companies can help create a social fashion that respects medical care and health.

  “Those who hold salaries for the public must not be frozen to death in the wind and snow.” Ye Zhenzhen, party secretary, chairman and president of People’s Daily Online, said at the meeting that the meaning of “People’s Love Medical Action” is not just to fund a certain project or The greater significance of subsidizing the families of some medical workers is to let more people pay attention to medical workers, understand their daily work, and respect their hard work. Everyone’s life and health are inseparable from the protection of medical staff. With more empathy and understanding, the doctor-patient relationship will be more harmonious, the practice environment will be more at ease, and the treatment of medical staff will be more secure. Adequately, this is the lasting interpretation of the action of loving medicine.

  As a representative of social forces, Pu Shaohua, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Bright Dairy, said that to respect doctors and protect health, we must first understand. "The same is to do their job well. The doctors' work faces greater challenges and risks. What they face is the challenge of life, and it may be the price of life." The enterprise itself must also assume social responsibility. He introduced that during the lockdown period in Wuhan, Bright used the pastures and factories in the local lockdown area to continue to supply Wuhan with dairy products and provide nutrition protection for doctors and patients. At the same time, it actively participates in anti-epidemic public welfare activities, undertakes the task of delivering vegetables and meat to Shanghai's aid to Hubei medical staff, and supports medical workers with various practical actions.

  At the meeting, the "People’s Good Doctor" client and Douyin jointly released the "unforgettable'war epidemic' moment" short video during the epidemic. The moving short video with high volume of views and likes once again reviewed the experience of the "war" epidemic. Aroused the resonance of the guests on site.

  At the meeting,·People’s Health launched a special tribute service platform for the “People’s Love for Medicine Action” and at the same time established the “People’s Love for Medicine Alliance” to call on all sectors of society to join in the action of respecting and loving medicine. The multi-level and multi-demand "service network" forms an effective channel for the rapid supply of medical and nursing needs, and contributes to the support and guarantee of all aspects of medical staff through practical actions and multiple methods. At the event site, six caring units, including Bright Dairy, China Feihe, Yihai Kerry Arowana, Master Kong, Hey Tea, and Joyoung Soy Milk, were awarded certificates of love to jointly launch a new journey of "People's Love for Medicine Action".

  "I am very glad to have the opportunity to express my deep respect to the medical staff on the spot." Li Yilin, director of the Beijing district of Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd., said after receiving the certificate that medical staff are the patron saint of life and health. Caring for medical staff means caring. We ourselves, at any time and any place in the future, as long as the front-line medical staff have needs, Master Kong will always be the warm and reliable companion of medical staff, providing services and support for medical staff.

  The people love medicine, and medicine loves the people.·People’s Health formally launched the “People’s Healthy Community” project at the event site. Mao Qun’an, Deputy Director of the Office of the Healthy China Action Promotion Committee and Director of the Planning Information Department of the National Health Commission, Jiao Yahui, Supervisor of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration Bureau of the National Health Commission, Ye Zhenzhen, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of People's Daily Online, Liu Xinmin, Dean of Peking University First Hospital, and Ye Yongan, Party Secretary of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine attended the launching ceremony. The project will rely on the People’s Good Doctor and People’s Choice platform under the People’s Daily to provide community members with health services and consumer services, in-depth strengthening of healthy family education services, and popularizing healthy lives for the people. At the same time, the People's Health Community will carry out offline activities in more than 50 cities across the country and establish a geographic community user group, regularly output various health science knowledge, organize people's preferred product recommendation, people's good doctor free consultation, and health theme series selection, etc. Various online and offline activities call on the public to actively participate, become health guardians, and realize the health of the whole people through "co-construction and sharing".