In the news: the US post at the heart of a new controversy in the United States

Postal vehicles set up at a United States Postal Service facility August 13, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. SCOTT OLSON / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

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The director of the postal services of the United States intends to put in place a plan of economy, which could have a strong impact on the postal vote, on November 3. This is in any case the opinion of the Democrats, specifies USA Today . They believe that the current boss of the American post office, Louis DeJoy, Republican and big donor of the Conservative Party, is playing Donald Trump's game, specifies the New York Times , since he seeks to undermine the postal vote which could be decisive in the presidential election next November .

Result: Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is none other than the President of the House of Representatives, has decided to summon this wealthy businessman for a hearing on August 24. And it's not just Congress that is worried since federal judges would also consider legal consequences if this savings plan is implemented.

According to the Republican camp and the current leadership of the USPS (United States Postal Service), the American post office is at its worst financially not only because of the pandemic, but also because of mismanagement during these last years. According to USA Today , the planned savings plan risks slowing mail delivery. As proof: last Friday, the postal service warned the country's election officials that some postal ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted, while in the midst of a pandemic, Americans may favor this method. .

This plan is therefore criticized by the opposition even more because it had proposed a few months ago aid of twenty-five billion dollars for the postal services in order to mitigate the effects of the pandemic which is hitting the States. United, aid that had been refused by the Republicans.

Demonstrations to denounce the government scheduled for Monday in Argentina

Rendezvous has been set at 4 p.m. for gatherings which should be held across the country, La Nacion believes . In any case, this is what is relayed by the appeal launched on social networks under the hashtag "17ASalimosTodos", "on August 17 we all go out". According to the daily, the organizers want to denounce the justice reform that the government wants to implement, but also runaway inflation, the economic crisis, the increase in insecurity and especially the extension of the quarantine period to which the country has been subdued for a hundred and fifty days now.

The opposition, which is grouped together in a coalition, is struggling to position itself in this citizens' initiative, details Clarin , even if, according to the daily, it was his supporters who launched the initiative on social networks. Steps that should bring together a lot of people, anticipates Clarin .

The pandemic continues to worry in Venezuela

If the figures remain relatively small when compared to neighboring countries, Venezuela now has nearly 34,000 sick people, including one thousand hundred and forty-eight more in the last twenty-four hours. Figures communicated by Ultimas Noticias , a daily close to power, and which are far from reality, according to many experts.

This Sunday, August 16, President Nicolas Maduro reminded his fellow citizens that a so-called “  radical quarantine  ” period began on Monday and for the next seven days, specifies El Universal . Venezuela has adopted a unique "  seven plus seven  " system that results in seven days of strict quarantine, followed by seven days of relaxation. Finally yesterday, two hundred and thirty Cuban doctors arrived in Caracas, the Costa Rican daily El Pais tells us . Doctors who add to the already large contingent of Cuban doctors there.

Evo Morales, who has just lost his sister, faced with a new case ?

The sister of former president Evo Morales has died of the Covid-19. Esther Morales, who was seventy years old, and whom Evo Morales considered a bit like his mother, died this Sunday morning from the Covid-19, specifies El Comercio. According to El Deber, who had access to her death certificate, she would not have benefited from the respiratory assistance that could have kept her alive. The former Bolivian president, in exile in Argentina, could not visit him as he lamented on social networks, details El Comercio .

Evo Morales also risks having to face a new case since he is said to have an affair with a young girl who is now nineteen, but whom he would have started dating when she was fourteen, according to Los Tiempos . If the facts are true, Evo Morales could even be prosecuted for rape, which could earn him a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison, according to the daily.

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