• Dj dead: Gioele searches continue, Prosecutor still leaves all hypotheses open
  • Caronia: men, dogs and drones on the trail of Joel, who disappeared with his mother
  • The son is still looking for, the trail of the aggression of two dogs appears
  • Dj dead, pm: "Who rescued her after an accident, show up". He is investigating for voluntary homicide
  • Dead DJ. The hypothesis of an accident-suicide due to Gioele's death appears, checks on cars


17 August 2020 The search for little Gioele, the 4-year-old child who disappeared into thin air on 3 August with his mother, Viviana Parisi, then found lifeless on 8 August, continues unabated.

This morning the forest guards are searching in particular a lawn "in search of clothes" of little Gioele. The lawn is located a short distance from the pylon at the foot of which the body of the 43-year-old deejay was found. 

In the searches were also involved soldiers of the Carabinieri Squadron Cacciatori Sicilia, usually busy looking for fugitives. On this occasion, while the financial police, police, civil protection and firefighters are busy looking for the child with special dogs, the military forces are also inspecting abandoned farmhouses.   

In the next few days there could be a summit in the Prefecture on searches    

Investigators are viewing all the videos recorded by the drones in these days. Investigators are looking for every little detail in search of the little one.