Illustration of a police car. - ALIX WILLIAM

The charges are extremely serious. Five people, including three teenagers, were indicted in Lille for attempted murder, including two linked to the sexual orientation of the victims, we learned Monday from the prosecution, confirming information from La Voix du Nord .

Among the members of this group are three young girls aged 15 to 17, the others are adult men. Four of these people were imprisoned, the last placed under judicial control, said the prosecution. 

Two seriously injured

An investigation had made it possible to bring together three attacks by stabbing committed in Lille on the night of August 12 to 13, then that of August 13 to 14. These attacks took place in Matisse Park and in front of the opera house. The victims are three men aged 43, 47 and 57. Two are seriously injured.

A judicial investigation was opened for "attempted homicide, two of which had the aggravating circumstance relating to the sexual orientation of the victims, failure to prevent crimes or offenses against the physical integrity of persons, aggravated theft and extortion with a weapon". 

According to La Voix du Nord , the teenage girls were living in a hostel, while the two men also suspected are aged 19 and 33. 


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