US to deploy more troops to Poland

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed an agreement with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blazczak to strengthen the US military presence in Poland on August 15 in Warsaw. . JANEK

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Mike Pompeo has just completed a five-day tour of Europe. In Warsaw this Saturday, he notably spoke with his Polish counterpart. The two men signed an agreement for the deployment of additional US troops in Poland.


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With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

Another step in our robust cooperation for the security of all  ", this is how Mike Pompeo welcomes the signing of the defense agreement with Poland. The US Secretary of State was there this Saturday, the last stop on a European tour, to, he said, "  celebrate the alliance between the two countries  ".

The defense agreement provides for the deployment of 1,000 American soldiers as well as the establishment of a military command on Polish soil. These troops are added to the 4,500 American soldiers already there.

Trump's reproaches to Germany

The agreement comes as the United States has announced its intention to reduce its troops in Germany to redeploy them elsewhere. This further confirms Washington's position vis-à-vis Berlin, which Donald Trump accuses of not meeting his financial obligations to NATO. The American president also welcomed the signing of the cooperation agreement with Warsaw by speaking of a “  historic pact  ”.

During his Polish stopover, Mike Pompeo also met the Polish President and his Prime Minister. With the latter, he notably discussed cooperation for the development of a civilian nuclear program in Poland.

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Today we took another step in our robust military cooperation for our collective security. Proud to sign the new US-Poland Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, building on our existing security cooperation and cementing our long-standing defense partnership.

  Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) August 15, 2020

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