China News Service, August 16 According to the Russian Satellite Network, the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of National Defense announced that the Russian army dispatched a Su-27 fighter plane to intercept a US reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea.

On May 26, local time, one of the two Russian Su-35 fighter jets flew with the U.S. Navy's P-8A anti-submarine Poseidon patrol aircraft. According to the Russian Satellite Network, on the 26th local time, the US Navy issued a statement stating that two Russian Su-35 fighter jets intercepted a US P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

  According to the source, “On August 15, 2020, Russia’s air defense system in the neutral waters of the Black Sea detected an aerial target approaching Russia’s borders. In order to identify and intercept the target, a Su-27 fighter jet of the Southern Military Region’s air defense force rushed into the air. ."

  It is reported that the crew of the Russian fighter plane approached this aerial target at a safe distance and identified it as an EP-3E radio reconnaissance aircraft of the US Navy.

  The source pointed out that "when the US reconnaissance plane changed its course and flew away from the Russian border, the Russian fighter jet returned home. The interception of the US military plane by the Su-27 fighter is in full compliance with international aviation regulations."

  The Russian military pointed out that the launch of the fighter plane successfully prevented the US military plane from invading the Russian border.

  According to reports, NATO aircraft headed by the United States often arrive near the Russian border for reconnaissance activities, and Russia has always firmly opposed this.