National Democratic Party General Assembly on 19th To join with the Constitutional Democratic Party Yamaba August 17 4:31

The National Democratic Party plans to hold a general assembly of both Houses on the 19th to discuss the merger with the Constitutional Democratic Party.

The movement toward merging will be a major event, focusing on the extent of the new party's size as the tug of war in the formation of the majority continues between the merging members and the merging members.

Regarding the confluence of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, while the Constitutional Democratic Party has finished the internal coordination and wants to form a new party in the beginning of next month, at the National Democratic Party where the "partisan party" talks continue, Parliamentarians who do not, continue to move to form a majority.

National Democratic Party representative Tamaki wants to hold a general assembly of both members of the House of Representatives and members of the House of Representatives on the 19th with the approval of the "split party" and move on to concrete discussions such as handling the party's activity funds. is.

However, in the National Democratic Party, there are still cautious opinions about the "partition party" including local organizations, and the coalition of support organizations also calls on the members of the National Democratic Party to join the consensus as much as possible. ..

On the other hand, former Foreign Minister Maehara of the National Democratic Party announced on the 15th that he would not participate in the merger, saying, "Differences in diplomacy and security are different."

With the view that the new party after the confluence will be about 130 to 140 people in both Houses of Representatives, it is expected that the tug of war within the National Democratic Party will continue to the last minute, and how large the new party will be With the focus on, the movement toward the merging will come to Yamaba.