Learning every day丨Affectionate entrustment in a cup of tea

  Walking into Tanyang Village, Ningde, Fujian, "After drinking Tanyang Gongfu tea, people are always in love." Several large red characters are inlaid among the green water and green mountains, which are very eye-catching. This is what General Secretary Xi Jinping said 30 years ago.

  In May 1990, Xi Jinping was about to leave Ningde to work in Fuzhou, specifically to take over work in Tanyang Village, his rural party building contact point.

  "I wanted to arrange a period of time to live in the village for a while, walk around the house, and join the households. I didn't expect to go so hurriedly this time, and I felt very sorry." Xi Jinping revealed his heart to the local cadres and the masses: "After drinking Tanyang Gongfu tea, People are always in love." The people present were all moved.

  During Ningde administration, Xi Jinping visited this ancient tea village surrounded by mountains four times to investigate.

  My first visit was in the autumn of 1988. At that time, Tanyang Village guarded more than 500 acres of tea farms, but the average annual income of farmers was less than 500 yuan.

  At that time, Liu Zhiyong had just served as the village party secretary. He remembered that when he prepared the report materials at the forum, he was interrupted by Xi Jinping's smile: "You don't need to read the materials, just ask and answer."

  "The question is very detailed, how many acres of tea are being planted now? What kind of tea is it? What are the difficulties..." Liu Zhiyong said frankly, "I was very nervous at the time, I was afraid I could not answer."

  After the forum, Xi Jinping climbed along the mountain road to a tea mountain behind the village.

  After a detailed understanding of the situation in Tanyang Village, Xi Jinping put forward suggestions for vigorously developing the characteristic tea industry in accordance with local conditions. "He and party members and cadres said that we must vigorously develop the characteristic tea industry, play a demonstrative role, take the lead in breaking the'ancestral mountains' and reclaiming barren hills to plant tea trees." Liu Zhiyong recalled.

  But in the eyes of the villagers, the "ancestral mountain" is unmovable. Xi Jinping's proposal to develop the "Ancestral Mountain" shocked the party members and cadres in the village.

  I didn’t even dare to think about it. After much thinking, the village party branch made up its mind to lead the party members to pick up the hoe and go up the mountain to open up wasteland. In a few months, more than 700 acres of new tea farms were opened. The villagers tasted the sweetness and followed suit. The dull mountain village suddenly became active.

  Later, Xi Jinping came to Tanyang Village many times.

  Under the guidance of Xi Jinping, the village collective enterprise-Fujian Fuan Tanyang Gongfu Tea Company was established to implement one-stop service of "production, purchase and sale". By 1989, the company's annual output value was several million yuan, the income of villagers was greatly increased, and "ten thousand yuan households" appeared in the village.

  Xi Jinping also encourages everyone to continue to enlarge the brand effect of Tanyang Gongfu tea and expand the tea economy. In 1990, more than a dozen villagers walked out of the village and opened tea shops in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to promote Tanyang Gongfu tea to the whole country.


  Barren hills have become tea gardens, and tea has enriched tea farmers.

  "We have not forgotten Secretary Xi's request..." Thirty years have passed, and earth-shaking changes have taken place in Tanyang Village. In 2019, the per capita annual income of farmers was 20,496 yuan.

  "Back then, Secretary Xi said that we must cherish, protect, develop and apply this brand well, so that Tanyang Gongfu Tea can go to the whole country and the world." This testimony is firmly imprinted in the hearts of all the people in Tanyang Village. At the moment, they have begun to explore a new development path of "Tea Brigade Integration" in which tea is used to invigorate travel and travel to promote tea.

  (CCTV Network of China Central Radio and Television)